Marathi Mulga!

Hi Christian,

Today, First of all I wanna tell you that, you came here in this world, to bring great hope and happiness. You came here to be loved and to give love in return. You came here to make the world a better place( while you may not necessarlily save the world, you have created a new family) . You made me an uncle 🙂

                  You are a lucky baby. You have been born into a multicultural family. You will be fluent in all the languages Hindi, English & Marathi (yes! Marathi, Because of your mum, she’s my inspiration too for Marathi… she speaks fluent Marathi like any Maharashtrian girl, Your Mom is amazing believe me!). You will have many cousins to play with and learn from. Most of them will be from your mother’s side, I guess. As far as I know, your daddy has a very small family, but don’t forget Christian your uncle Sumit loves you as much as your family do. So never ever hesitate to ask for any help or any suggestions from me.. your uncle,  will always be there no matter what.

Lots of love,
Uncle Sumit


Published by: SumitOfficial

Hi, I this is SumitOfficial. Age 21 Writer | Blogger | Video Jockey | Orator | Singer | Painter | Sketcher | Interviewer | Artist | MBA. A normal person but a unique & powerful soul. I am someone who has explored his life through the biggest challenges in very little age, faced those periods which I scared if dreaming about today. I'm a learnt soul. Welcome to my blogosphere - SumitOfficial. This blog is a memoir of my life and experiences. you might or might not find so many interesting factors as you can get in other bloggers' posts. but I'm sure of one thing that with my posts you'll be able to relate it with your own life. You'll find the value of life, people, relationships, love - how it works, learnings for a better future. So if you wanna get notified with all these factors, just click on the follow button and do subscribe. I'll surely do the same for yours. Thanks! -SumitOfficial

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