Amalgamation of Marvellous Colours


Awards won by this legendary movie!!

Yesterday I watched legendary, my most awaited movie Bajirao-Mastani.

( According to me, This is the best poster by far)

Yeah yeah, I know I’m a big Ranveer Singh fan. I’m having a same(Kinda) moustache as Ranveer Singh has, even my face cut matches with his face cut a bit but hey, I can not grow my moustache overnight, I’ve been fond of moustache and beard ever since I was small kid and by the way I’m not just a normal fan of Ranveer, even internally, we both are alike. Notorious, naughty, insane, crazy, over spoken, the choices and tastes in girls, the only difference is he’s having Deepika Padukone in his life and my Deepika Padukone is still need to find out. Hahaha!!!!


But if you truly ask me which is my most favourite films of Ranveer Singh, I’d say none other than Ram-leela, which I’ve watched more than 150 times, I guess. I’ve became pro now, hahaha. I even can deliver each and every dialogue, in the same modulation. Lol! Especially that one, Shaabash uperwale, bahut banai lekin Leela jaisi koi nahi!

But other than my favourite movie, I think rarely any director can beat Sanjay Leela Bhansali when it comes to capturing the beauty of colors. One of the best of his all time picturizations is Ram-Leela and as a design lover I just feel so necessary to mention Ram-Leela in this list. You can find all the beautiful colours in some scenes of this movie:











Beat this if you can :);)


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60 thoughts on “Amalgamation of Marvellous Colours”

      1. Haha… That’s OK. Yeah yeah, its pretty cool. You know, one of my friend always call me Summit (WorldSummit). I thought my name is going to be changed again.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Sumit to Submit. Lol!

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  1. Nice snippet on Ranveer movies. Watched Bajirao today but wasn’t really at par with the hype though. 😐 I mean absolutely loved the setting, costumes and all of that but something about Ranveer didn’t quite add up. 😐

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      1. Ha ha ha…. Probably he will walk away with all the awards this year.. And i guess there aint any doubt on that….. Ranveer is not just the best he is all set to create history and he is actually a decent guy in real life with ambitions wer limits are beyond d sky 😊😊😊

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      2. Yup yup! It actually happened with him and with ‘Bajirao Mastani’ too. I just saw a picture which Ranveer has tweeted. I’m updating that picture which shows, how many awards has won by Bajirao Mastani. I want you to have a look again on the same post Pinky. ☺

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