Let’s Explore Indore!!

Indore has been voted as the best ‘Foodie city’ of India, so every one staying in Indore or visiting this place would definitely get tempted to taste the mouth watering dishes of the city which are:

Chinese at Hong Kong Restaurant, Palasia square. It is the oldest Chinese Restaurant of Indore and is also run by a Chinese family which has now settled in Indore.

Pohe at Ravi alpahar, Saket square.

Chaat at Vijay Chaat house,Chhappan and Sarafa.

Besides finger licking food, there are also a few places in the vicinity of Indore, which would bring you close to nature,history as well as religion. And you might end up regretting not visiting these places earlier. They are:

-Kalakund Paatalpani


-Punasa Dam (Narmada nagar)

-Mandu (A Historical place)



-Ujjain (famous for mahaankaal

For all the people who haven’t been to Indore ever, do visit Indore once. If not for site seeing, then for enjoying its delicious taste. After all it’s been awarded as the best Foodie city of India so definitely it would live up to your expectations.

People from Indore have a typical accent of speaking Hindi, like- Aariya hain jaaria hain, bhiyao, kai, raaooom, bawa ans most important word which is ‘Hao’. Hao is the frequent word which is used by every indori thousand times a day. People here have modified some words and they have now become a staple of the Indori vocabulary. For example:

~Bhaiyya  = bhiyao

~rahe hain =rre hain like chal rahe hain is chalre hain

 ~Ainnn is a sound made out of shock or amusement

~hao = haan

No matter what for you go out to the market, even if you don’t get your work done, you’ll definitely eat something.

As per the Indoris, Chhapan dukaan(the eat street of Indore) serves the best food in the world.        


Sev is considered as the best garnishing ingredient.  


This is our city bus, quite better than that of other cities                                    



(inside view of city bus)







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      1. Yeah please, you’ll find Sarafa’s best eateries, 56 dukaan, Jhonny Hotdog, Joshi ka Dahibada, Sabudana Khichdi, sarafa’s Shikanji etc etc etc. Oh my God, I’m drooling. Hahahaha!! 😝😝

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