Delhi Road Rationing!! Odd-Even Rule


The odd even rule is a 15 day trial that the (over simplistic) Delhi government is trying to implement in a jumping the gun sort of abrupt way. Here are the details that are clear as of now,

For 15 days starting 1st January, cars ending in odd number plate numbers will only ply on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and cars ending with even numbers will only ply on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Any car can ply on Sunday.The rule is only applicable from 8am to 8pm.Single women drivers, two wheelers, government cars and cars driving to the hospital in an emergency are exempted.

There is a 2000 Rupee fine for violators.

A couple of other important points about this,

This is a test run, so we don’t know if it’ll be successful.

The police wasnt on the loop with this and may not be able to enforce it properly.

The public transport is currently inadequate, so school buses will also be used as public transport.

There are a lot of apprehensions about this because it is too sudden and without a lot of preparation.

The government is going to launch an ‘Uber’ style taxi and auto aggregator before the test run begins.


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4 thoughts on “Delhi Road Rationing!! Odd-Even Rule”

  1. Sadly, this initiative has failed miserably in China and Brazil where similar initiatives were undertaken in Beijing, and other cities. People started buying additional cars to circumvent this. Hope we come out with better ideas to tackle this. In India people won’t buy second car, instead they will get a fake number plate for odd and even days.

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  2. Nope, it will not work. What about emergencies? Will the people have to stop at each police check-post and prove its a medical emergency? Are u also going to charge only half road/lifetime tax going forward since the vehicle cant be used for half of its life? This is the typical Indian mentality. Instead of implementing existing laws, u bring new laws. Pathetic!! Oh and by the way, this is against peoples democratic right to life

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