National Entrepreneurship Network : The bliss

NEN (National Entrepreneur’s Network) E-Week is celebrated to let the young entrepreneurs come up with their innovative ideas and explore themselves to the developing world. This year, the E-week is to be celebrated on February 23, 2016 with the theme
Innovative Ideas for a Better World”.

On the stage with all respected dignitaries.

February 23, 2016

So it has all started from the day before my last exam of IT on February 13. And there was this meeting for this event in which I have been called, since I was already chosen as the leader of event by my HOD. I had to attend the meeting. I wanted to attend the meeting. It was a big task though, you can’t waste your one and a half hours of traveling (34 kms) to go to college, attend the 2 hours meeting, understand it properly. What this event is all about. And how are things gonna work, but something strike in my mind which made me take the risk of going there.

During the event...

First and foremost thing I want to say her is, my interference in this event was only because it was called a big flop event. It was said that this can’t be happened here. This can’t be taken place. It is not your cup of coffee. It hurt me. It made me wanna do it. It made me wanna win it. And hence I won it.

An as usual formal look 😉

Moustache Men: Sumit Yadav & Sam Mathews

There should one more person I needed to be with me, who’s having the same passion for what as I have towards management and work. Who can work in a creative way, who’s work should be reliable. One, on which I can trust, one on which I can rely. It was none other than my friend from the day one of the college (We were became very famous from the day one. Hahahaha! By doing something incredible in that PGDM conference hall) We were individual though. We were not known to each other then. It was a second day of MBA session where in that conference room we met each other properly and became friends. He knows my potential what I am capable of, and I know his potential, what he can do to make things perfect and beautiful. So I was very sure of choosing and to work with him from the day I heard about NEN E-Week. It was none other than, the first friend of mine in new college, Sam Mathews. There were some issues between us from a month and a half, because of some misunderstandings that we had broken the communication medium too. We didn’t even talk for months, but yeah, this event made us together too in some ways. And I’m glad that he thinks in the same way.

MBAs are Ready to Rock it!!

We(Sam and I) are known for our Dress Sense, the way we always are in Proper Formal dress up, with polished shoes, a positive attitude on the face, being a Moustache & bearded Men. And with a proud walk.  This is what we are known for. Because of this we have our enemies too which exists in the form of students and professors. Lol! We don’t give a shit though 😎

Exams went really well, it were ended on February 13, we had taken a rest of one day (celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14) now it was a time to pull the socks up from February 15, 2016.

Sam and I were the kinda main streams of an event so we were given almost lots of work. We were in a Internal External team, in Discipline team, Anchoring, installation of stalls and other activities for campus Bazaar, We had to tackle the Sponsorships, promotions, hoardings, posters etc. Hence, the work started. So, yeah work load was on us after our professors’ coordination.

My New Venture: Avsum Kreations

So yeah, this is something I wanna tell you guys, I’ve been thinking of starting something my own business. Where I can provide services to my customers, I can find our their need and demands, I can fulfil their needs. I stared this thing with my childhood friend Dhaval Gohil, who is a graphic designer basically. The name of the company is amalgamation of both our names. If you can read it deeply, you’ll come to know. 😝

Dhaval and I

It’s not started yet, but as I’m making such efforts to make this event perfect I thought of doing all the graphics work through my firm only. It would be a big opportunity for us to work for such a big college, that too for an event. It means the banner and posters of whatever design we make will spread all over Indore’s best colleges, which means more than 55+ colleges. So, it was indeed a great idea of promoting our work, even before it is started. Haha! I know I’ve got this business mind, which works like this most of the time. Haha! Just kidding. 😅

Here’s the design for NEN E-Week poster:


We used to make it simple though because it was a professional event.

(Tell me if you like it or what changes you can see, I could have thought of)

Here is another poster ‘Varenya 2016’ which is also designed by us:


This event is going to be held on March 17 &18 and thankfully, I’m handling this time too. blessed. 🙂

Sponsorships : was it a headache?

Taking money from people, firm or any businessman is the hardest thing to do in the world, I guess!
It was like the water of river is flowing in one side and we are trying to convince it the flow it in other side. Haha!

Myself, Sam and few more people frok the group put all efforts to arrange the sponsorships for our event. We were given an estimate of 1 lakh 15 thousands. In which, we’ll be granted some money from college itself, i.e., 65% and the remaining amount, i.e., 35% has to be gathered from different sponsors.

People are not convinced to give a single penny to anyone if they don’t find any profit in that, however it was a big amount of RS 45000-50000. So, we had to change our strategies. Being MBA students we have to develop that Marketing Specialisation skills in us to make people convinced. And we did it so. It has been estimated that few sponsors are ready for their branding.  And remaining amount is still to be arranged (we have one more event in March associated with this only called Varenya 2016, so all the money will be used there)

A picture with hardworking members of the team 🙂

I still remember few places where we were kicked our ass off right from the main gate. Haha!! It was humiliated. It was a fun though, at least we have something to laugh on now.

With our Coordinator Kritika Ma'am(our Munshi ji)
Team Coordinator Rituraj Sir on second from the right

It’s not at all easy task to take money from anyone, until and unless they don’t find their profit in that, they ain’t going to give you a single shit. We got to learn that thing. And we did it eventually.

Campus Bazaar : An overnight Planning

Actually the concept behind this was, how to earn profit with least investment. So basically we need 6-7 stall holders, and 3 students for holding each stall. The date was so near by now, there were no one ready take the responsibility and who can bring a stall, who can create a strategy to thing out it.



Few faculties with our Principal Ma'am
Judges were exploring the stalls held by students.

Then, Sam and I decided, and make a stand by plan to bring 8 stalls with different activities. And overnight we were done with the our strategy and next day we implemented it and guess what we have got 8 stall holders by now. So yeah, this is how I love to work. This is how we love to work. 😝

A picture with a my friend Himanshi

BTV : Local Channel Coverage

I was handling the media partner too. There is this famous local channel BTV in Indore who is going to be a sponsor for our event and going to make documentaries too for us. So it was a task to handle them too. I was  telecasted and interviewed too by one of the anchor in his live show. Ahha! It was a great fun coming on at least local channels. I’ll be doing something new and innovative, so that I could come on the National and then International TV too. 😜😜

With Our Veer Ji
Interview with stall holders

Radio Partner : My FM Team

They were too involved in our NEN E-Week’s 2016 programme. They entertained us by doing multiple activities inside the campus. We were handling there too. And were planning too that how can we promote our event with the help of Radio. And we did it so. We are Smart nah, aren’t we!!😂😂

Cute RJ Aditi, isn't she? 🙌

This is the best quality of a businessman, that he always think about the profit of his own business. I guess this is what inspire me to be so in near future. 😎


Musical team of My FM
A picture with Soumya & Sahiba. 😝


An argument with Karishma!! Is she abusing me or what? Haha

Hard core Party : DJ Bash



Yeah, so everyone was waiting for this moment(specially myself 😘). I had taken care of the DJ system too. We have arranged all the facilities to give a bombastic hard core party. And the time had arrived.

I want that song right now! Lol! What am I doing? 😂

There were times when people were like, I have gone crazy. Hahahaha!!
But yeah, on the same point, I’ve got so many texts when I got home that evening, praising about my dance and super steps. Few of them became my dance’s fan too. Lol!! 😂 People have enjoyed my dancing, I was being an asshole while dancing. I have my crazy steps which I use on December 31’s party nights in Mumbai’s resort. So I’m used to it. Haha!!

We should go there Sam and then dance. 😂😂

Then there were these songs of Ranveer Singh. I thought I got my chance to perform like a professional then. And I danced on that Tatad tatad song too.  😅😅


And the time comes when everyone thought that I’ve gone crazy. I’ve gone insane. Haha!! When I started dancing with any girls’ chappals. And they sit around me and supported me while burst into a big laughter. Haha!! It was a fun.

I'll dance till my last breath.😜😜

My main motive was to make everyone laugh. I guess people have trapped in so many problems and issues. This is the best way to excrete it out. 🙂

Pictures courtesy: Monu Bhaiya


A big thanks thanks to this guy, Monu Bhaiya who has taken 1000 pictures with his DSLR that too with the perfection. And out of 1000 I’ve chosen few ones for you guys to see. I hope you liked the fun we all did.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to comment and give your reviews below the comment box. 🙂

Thank you, Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science for giving me this opportunity. :):)

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All rights reserved.

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Sumit Yadav(25), popularly known as SumitOfficial, is a blogger from Mumbai who has been writing since 5 years, and has posted 600+ Blog Posts till now. He is an MBA and works in an Educational Industry in Mumbai as a Senior Career Consultant. His spare-time activities include creative things like -- Acting, Photographing, mimicking, singing. He has worked with Radios, appeared on National TV, interviewed authors, appeared on newspapers for multiple activities, and has written reviews for magazines. Also, he's been consistently writing offline in his journals for more than 875+ days now. He believes in Continuous Progression, and Exponential Growth. 

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80 thoughts on “National Entrepreneurship Network : The bliss”

  1. Wow Sir, biggg Congratulations!! Your event was a big success! ☺☺☺☺
    I was eagerly waiting for you to write this blog. Loved it Sir, I soo appreciate your efforts, mujhe pata hai aapne kitttttnnni mehnat kari is event ke liye! 😇 *Skipped dinners and sleep too 😒*

    And finally, you achieved a Grand Success, and appreciations from everyone. Proud of you, my Sir! 😍😍

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    1. Finally event was successful😊😊 have lots of #mastie #DJparty #coordinating..😉 great job done by u sir..😉😆😆😀 lastly waiting fr #varenya..😘☺☺

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      1. Huhh, haaan bohott bohot bohott late reply. 😏
        Aur aap Sorry nai bolo na abi. I’m sorry, mujh me nai hai patience. 😞
        Abi I’m happpieee! ☺☺☺☺☺
        Thankyou thankyou thankyou!! 😇😇😇😇😇😇

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  2. actually event was hopefully great..😊😊 fulltoo enjoy every part of event,😁 #dj #coordinating #mastiee ..😉lastly successfull event..😘😜😜👍👍

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  3. Fantastic sumit I mean you’r really our ranvir you play versatile character in your life’r good student good friend good cordinator and successful event organizer and I’m lucky to have such friend like you ..keep it up Ranvir and Sam Mathew

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  4. Well done Sumit.

    All of us wish to be a king but few of us realise that crown will come to us on its own day, when we will be ready for it…..

    You are really hardworking…and will definitely get crown…


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  5. This is really awesome the way you framed the complete event. You were one on the best hands that handled the event.

    But yes, you still have to explain me about *munshi ji*

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  6. Excellent photos! You were smart in how the event was organized and delegated. Wow, good luck with your business venture, too!! Thanks so much for sharing — it looked like a successful and fun time. 🎤 🎧 🎼 🎹 🎷

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      1. I’m sure it will also be a success, Sumit! I’ll look forward to the photos and your report on the event.

        Btw, I have a friend who has a fantastic mustache, as well. Do you use wax for the tips of yours? 〰️

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      2. Hahaha… Yeah it may be the reason Rosy. Can you imagine I’ve been growing it since so long. People ask me for tips too.

        I ally beard oil. Shampoo, conditioners, combing and bruising and then I get my perfect moustache 😁😁

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      1. It’s Dhiraj! Your ‘liking’ should be different than your presentation, you’re presenting your achievements and words like shit and excrete are inappropriate in reference to achievements.


      2. You’re at a career building age brother, get adaptive to positive criticism. Anyways apologies for my ‘not-so-welcome’ comment.
        Stay blessed 🙏

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  7. NEN is a bliss to read!! 😀 😀
    It was so fun to read about all the aspects of preparations and to see you people’s hardwork & effort bringing such a grand result!!
    Keep up your will & stamina Sumit. And all the best for your startup!! 😀

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  8. Well, I’m so late to come across this post and comment here. My bad! I didn’t join wordpress earlier.
    After reading this post, I couldn’t stop myself to comment.

    You are such a zealot. I mean, look at you Man, you can do anything. You are so versatile. You are true hearted. You are a gentlemen. I love your enthusiasm of doing things with perfection. I have so much to say, but you know I’m a bit sluggard. I loved your post, the way you took the responsiblity, tackled everything from managing funds to all stall hordings and all. You are great. 👏
    And dude (oops, sorry 😁), You looked killer in that attire. Any girl can go mad for sure. 😻❤

    PS: your dance steps! No comments 😁

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    1. Awwww… you spammed me today. Yayyyy😘😍😍😍

      You said so many things for me Shreyu. 🙂
      I don’t know how should I reply now. All I can feel is a BIG smile on my face.

      There are two things which is making me blush –

      1.) This beautiful comment.
      2.) This beautiful comment (from my Shreyu❤😘😍)

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