Have You Found Your Woman Yet?


If you’ve been ever in a relationship you’d understand how holding her hands and not saying a word is so beautiful. It gives me so much of peace, it feels like heaven.. I don’t know.. It’s just unbelievably fantastic!

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Sumit (22) passionately follows his dreams by writing his heart out for more than 3 years now, and have been into many creative fields including- VJ, singer, who’s appeared on National TV, done radio shows, conducted Literature events, written articles for newspapers and magazines. Professionally he’s delivering his services to one of the leading companies in Mumbai being an Asst. Manager. You’ll find many emotions through his words which will dagger your heart and you’ll relate it with yourself. Writing about untouched emotions human feels, poetry, life journey, sex, erotica, and BDSM is what attracts him the most. Welcome to SumitOfficial’s Blog. 😊

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109 thoughts on “Have You Found Your Woman Yet?”

  1. I don’t know if I found my woman but I certainly found my girl a few years ago…she’s a woman now, and we’re no longer together..! 😀 lol
    But yes, holding hands is gooooooooooood, and going shopping with her is even better 🙂

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    1. Haha.. I like that, ‘you found a girl few years ago, she’s a woman now’ 😁😁It is the best feeling ever. It is something where we forget the world, our world become that women only. 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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      1. Happy me! 😉
        Tip from me? I’m as naive as anyone can be. To be honest, short stories are hardest part for me. Some say write with the end in mind. I just begin, and then let the story unveil itself! Matter of what suits you. 🙂
        (I’m probably not the right person to ask this!! Aise sawaal poochke bachne ka iraada hai kya?? 😒😒)

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      1. Hahah.. I came back last month 🙂

        I was leading an event in my college, and there were more than 103 coordinators. And I was one of the head secretary, so I had to came back to guide them and to coordinate with them.

        So yeah, I’m back on WhatsApp and Facebook 🙂

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      2. Ok so yeah, this is Sumit Yadav here. People know me by my Official name ‘SumitOfficial’ due to my obsession of using it every where. 😁😁

        I’m pursuing an MBA from renowned college of Indore. I’m a Indore-Mumbai guy. ☺😉😎

        I love travelling. I’ve travelled more than 5 states till now at the age of 20. I love doing everything. I’m an avid reader. Currently I’m reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

        I’m a literature fan. Recently I was on newspaper too. Before that I was on national TV too. Even before that I was on Air too.

        So yeah, this is my story. 🙂

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      3. Woah! That sounds interesting!
        Yeah SumitOfficial is like,swag yar😂 hehe nice!
        MBA! cool! 😊
        Even i’m an avid reader,but I’m into love stories bas! 😅🙈
        On newspaper,on tv,on air….Wow! So i’m talking to a person with some fame han? 😊😉
        Great!!! 😊
        Pleasure meeting you.😉

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      4. Me! My name is Pratishtha Sharma and i’m from Punjab.Pure Punjabi by heart,hehe!😉
        And i’m in +2.😊
        My nickname is Pari,yeah my name is a bit too long,10letters,so my frnds call me by this short name.😂
        Anddd nothing much yar😂
        M a happy person and i like isolation.😊
        Staying alone makes me happy,i don’t socialize much! I like talking to myself alottt! 😂🙈
        Wese there’s alot more,you will get to know gradually. 😊

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      5. Do you know I am in love with Punjabi people (not just saying) because they are always genuine, in whatever they think, whatever they say,whatever they do. They don’t fake it.
        I have few great friends, Paras Jeet Singh Anand, Taranjeet Singh etc

        I love them, and they love my company too. 🙂

        I’m delighted to meet one more Pari 😉😇

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      1. Because when I read few verses of Bible, I recalled it what Jesus has said that simply that when we make mistakes or do wrong we are acting like human beings—but when we forgive others, then we are acting like God, who is always willing to forgive us. 🙂

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      2. Shakespeare was a talented guy. I’ve read a few of his works including hamlet, julius ceaser, merchant of venice, etc etc…but the irony is that I’ve never set hands upon Romeo Juliet ..lol!

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      3. You mean who’s my fav ? I know it’ll sound weird but that’s Daphne de Maurier..she’s a french author and writes in english..and Richelle Mead (don’t judge her books by the name lol She’s awesome). Dan Brown and Agatha Christie will be all time favorites though 🙂 They are a class apart.

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      4. *giggle * I’m sorry to say but I’ve nt enjoyed reading Indian authors ! I don’t like their style …I maybe an Indian author one day but still i won’t change my verdict !

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      5. Arre don’t be sorry yaar!
        Wahi to bola, I was expecting foreigner names only. I could read your style. 😉

        Even I don’t like much Indian author books. That’s a different thing that I interview them. 😂😂


      6. Ha …. well basically from everywhere ! Not that I deactivated my acc or smthng coz I’m dependent on watsapp for notes lol but yeah I’ve not really been active !

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      7. No nothing’s wrong …I just never perceived it ryt I guess 🙈 idk ! Lol!
        M going bonkers….trying to do 3 programs together! The codes r mixing up n m going mad 😂😂 so nothing is making sense to me at the moment !

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