Sumit(Official) Turns 21: An Epistle

On this day of my 21st birthday on May 21, 2016, I wanted to share what’s in my heart. I was confused whether to write a blog on it and publish my thoughts or just keep it in my head. But the amazing thing about having a blog is the ability to reflect on a time of your life in the future.

So as I enter the final year of my twenties and as a little gift to myself ten, twenty and 21 year from now, I wanted to document and also share with you some thoughts. My lessons, hopes, fears, dreams and gratitude.
I wonder if you ever feel the same?

I just can’t believe I’m turning 21. Whoohoo! Honestly, this is something I wanted to become ever since I was a little kid. I was so obsessed with this ‘Man’ thing which I can’t express you. I always hated being called a baccha. A kid. I would hate that person if he/she call me a kid. I was never a kid. Even people of my elder age says, I don’t act my age. Well, that’s true, because I wanted that to be. I am what I always wanted. Recently, there was this Blogger on Facebook who had sent me a friend request. I accepted it. When few days back, we talked on some art work. She called me a kid. Yeah, a kid. She said, you don’t know anything, you’re just a kid. It really freaked me off. I could’ve told her so many things. But I acted maturely, I just unfriend her from my friends list. These kinda people can never be someone’s friend. I didn’t have any problem with her art and whatever she does. It’s good. I appreciate that, but one should never overestimate herself/himself in front of others. One should not deteriorate other person. If you ever face something like this, you should do the same. Just get the hell of them, always put yourself first in order to respect anyone.  😉

A book I got from someone who already knew back then, how I was obsessed with this Man word. Haha! I always wanted to be a big and tall man. 😉
You can see what she had written on the first page for me. Haha!

Through experience, I’ve learned so much over the last decade. Part of me wishes I knew then what I do now. Like reading, writing, orating, video jockeying, interviewing, radio Jockeying, singing, painting, sketching etc. That I had the confidence and self-assurance I now possess, but I guess you can’t develop that without enduring conflict situations. The journey you go through to understand who you are, what you stand for, your values, beliefs and standards is an amazing one. I feel like towards the end of your twenties, you come into your own and have some answers to what you once questioned. People have come and gone (unfortunately sometimes you just lose touch and some I’m pleased to say are gone!), but those who I’ve chosen to continue to grow with are truly cherished.

There are friends I know will be life-long and some live thousands of miles away, but the connection is never in doubt and you know no matter what, when you see them it’s like no time has passed. I believe my journey till 20 years were a great time to establish genuine friendships and discover which ones will go the distance.

I’ve changed a lot in ways I didn’t expect to. There’s just something about being comfortable that seems to grow more important. The more I’m being passionate about my dreams and work what I do for myself, the more I am getting attached to the ground. My base is becoming more stronger.


This is my regular place(ground) to sit at whenever I’m outside of my classes, in my college. You just gotta do what you feel like. I’m loving it.

MBA Induction Day


It was a first week of my MBA in 2015. I was one of the students who have got the chance to give his speech in Induction Days, but after having completed that. I came down from auditorium and sat on the floor to have my lunch. It is because I’m not a kind of person who follows stereotype. I can’t pretend to become like those who have been thinking that an MBA or any well dressed person should sit on the table, just because I’m in 3-piece-suit. Well, no! I’m a grounded person, I feel the peace when I sit where I feel like sitting. No matter how much achievement I get in the future but I’ll always do what I feel like doing, and that is something most important. 🙂

My ultimate learning? Always listen to your instincts and have the confidence, conviction and trust in yourself to follow them. Over the last year particularly(as I’ve recently completed a year in blogging), this has enabled me to pursue my dreams and with hard work, dedication and focus, make them a reality. My hope for the future is to continue evolving and to live my life with purpose and passion.

This extends beyond a professional sense and into my personal realm too. I hope to live consciously. To soak in all the magical moments, big, small and seemingly insignificant.

Over the last few years, I think I have become more aware of appreciating life and the people in it. People and readers like you. I love spending time with my Daddy and Brother. The times we are all together are precious and I have to admit, in those moments I sit back and try my hardest to soak it all in. I want it etched in my memory forever. I also can’t help but feel a little pang and lump in the back of my throat because I think, “right now, right here in this very second, my world is perfect”. Because it is and I fear knowing one day it isn’t always going to be like this.


(Brother, Me and Daddy. It’s good spending a quality time with your beloved ones. Who knows if there’s any tomorrow or not!)

I dream of wondrous things to come. Making a difference and putting my mark on the world, a dent on the Universe. Achieving goals professionally and personally, a family of my own, time spent creating memories with loved ones, continuing to travel and delighting in the opportunity to learn, grow and experience. Well, this is what I am going to do for the rest of my life.

I have so much to be grateful for and live a truly blessed life. Above all, I am thankful for family. It’s an incredible feeling to know that no matter what, you have people who support and love you unconditionally. I have immense gratitude, admiration and love for my parents, who provided me with everything from a happy home, to a brilliant education, to simply always having time to talk. My brother, Dipesh, is without doubt my best friend and over the years, time and again, has proven he always has my back (as I do his… maybe more than he wants sometimes, but he is my elder brother after all!).

I feel thankful to have met the kind of creative and intelligent people(I wish I could take everyone’s name here. But the lost is extremely big. ;))

As the sun rises on my 21th year tomorrow, I feel appreciative of the past, contentment for the now and excitement for the future. With lot’s of change on the horizon, I have a sense this final chapter of my twenties will be the best yet…

My Birthday Gift from You:

I’ve never thought to come so far, but here I am writing and appreciating the response, respect and love you’ve been giving me. I have got 425+ followers on SumitOfficial. I know it is not a gigantic number but it might be a good proportion if we take into account that my attitude aimed to attract followers. It seems that my content has attracted many readers so I assume I achieved their approval. I’m grateful for that
If not, let me know about it, and also let me know if you should add a section, or fix another topic and so on. Any comment is well received as always. Last but not the least, I would like to say that I appreciate all criticism, opinions, every time you share it with me through comments and personally. It is a great pleasure to have reached this number and the kind of relationship we have been maintaining with each other. I will always remember this love from your side. It is a genuine gift for me on my 21st birthday. You are a genuine gift for me today. I will continue to provide more and more. Thank you 🙂

I have recently completed my 100 posts on SumitOfficial. Yay!!!!!! 😀


12000+ Views on SumitOfficial

Thank you! For the boom in the stats, the likes, the support, the comments, everything! It is pretty overwhelming. Needless to say, I appreciate it. I am grateful.

I will accept this love as my birthday gift. Oh! Its my birthday today, and see how many gifts I’m getting from you. 🙂

Solitude State

So yeah, one thing I want you to know is, I’m not gonna be active on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and no posts on WordPress also from now on. I’ll not be posting anything for some time, but that doesn’t mean I won’t write anything in between. Haha! I’m going in solitude state, I don’t know for how much time. Though, I’ll try to come as soon as possible. I’m gonna miss my WordPress family. 🙂


Recently I’ve been to Gujarat and I’ve experienced so many things from there, which I’m gonna share it here once I’m back. It will be called as Gujarati Diaries.

My Learnings through out my 20s

I. Stay in touch with Family

The most important thing I do is to stay in touch with my parents, my brother regularly. Their happiness is overwhelming when they hear your voice, trust me. I could hear my parents’ joy and happiness on the phone. There’s not a single day I when I don’t get a call from my brother in the noon. Daddy and brother never forget to call me, even when I’m busy and couldn’t receive the phone, they’ll make a call after some time. A couple of minutes of call to your parents will not kill your time, but rather shower their blessings on you. Hence, it is my privileged to be a good son and little bro to my parents and elder brother respectively.

II. Responsibility

You are responsible for whatever happens to you, good or bad. You need to understand now that it’s not someone else’s fault if you’re not getting what you want. If you want something to happen in your life, better work hard for it and forget about the results.

III. My Surrounding

I always like to be with 2 types of people-

1) Who are like you; that is people who are more passionate about reading, creative writing, Sketcher, RJ, VJ, Inquisitor, entrepreneurship. 

2) Who you want to be like; creative writer, sketcher, artists, painter, journalist, radio jockey, video jockey, interviewer, entrepreneurs etc.

Thankfully, I’m always surrounded with these 2 types of people. 🙂
Talking about fear, try to always FACE THEM. I was scared of height once, what I did to overcome it is, during my Ahmedabad trip there’s this place in Ahmedabad called ‘Kankariya‘ (it’s an amusement park with plenty of risky and fun rides) I made my mind to go on that ride which goes the high. It was called ‘Tall Tower’. I closed my eyes and stepped into the ride. Today, I’m not at all afraid of heights. In fact, I love heights now, because I overcame it.

IV. Never get affected by the perception of others they’ll judge you if you do something, they’ll still judge you if you DON’T do something. Hence, always do what you want to do.

So yeah, here it ends else it would become hard for me to stop. Haha!
Ok, so now I want something from you..

A favour I want from You

But one thing which I want you to do for me on my birthday today. As you have read so many posts of mine(if you have not, you can still read it) I write about anything and everything but which is your favourite genre you think I’m good at? I really want your suggestion on that, as it’s going to help me in my further big project(yeah, yeah! You can guess it in what sense I’m saying that ;))

So, what you have do is suggest me a genre which you think I’m best at, it can be- life, relationship, love etc. Or you can write anything you feel like. Your suggestions would be more than welcomed. 🙂

I hope I’ll get the best suggestions from you. 🙂

Thank you for everything. I’m going on sabbatical. We’ll see you soon. Take care. ☺

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Sumit Yadav(25), popularly known as SumitOfficial, is a blogger from Mumbai who has been writing since 5 years, and has posted 600+ Blog Posts till now. He is an MBA and works in an Educational Industry in Mumbai as a Senior Career Consultant. His spare-time activities include creative things like -- Acting, Photographing, mimicking, singing. He has worked with Radios, appeared on National TV, interviewed authors, appeared on newspapers for multiple activities, and has written reviews for magazines. Also, he's been consistently writing offline in his journals for more than 875+ days now. He believes in Continuous Progression, and Exponential Growth. 

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90 thoughts on “Sumit(Official) Turns 21: An Epistle”

  1. Woww Sirrr!! I am amazed after reading this post, now I know that everyone goes through doubts and confusions in life, but eventually we overcome them if we have a positive approach. I love how every incident of this post makes me more positive about life, more confident and self-assured.

    Those lessons you learnt are like diamonds, I would read them time and again and always find an inspiration. Your post just showed me the perfect way to live life, thankyou! Now I feel like there’s still hope, I can change my life myself, only if I start with a positive attitude. 😇

    This post couldn’t be better, it’s written with millions of feelings. 😊😊😊

    And mai batau, you are best at writing ‘Love’. Seriously, wo collaboration ka 3rd part, I told you na it’s perfect. So, mere side se, LOVE, yes! 😃😃
    And Happy Birthday again Sir, sau baar bol diya abi toh. 😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Sumit..

      I have gone through your Profile and found ” I am someone who has explored his life through the biggest challenges in very little age, faced those periods which I scared if dreaming about today” , i didn’t understand this sentence where you expressed ” who has explored HIS life through the biggest challenges….” who is this his life… is that you are someone else…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. don’t you think Sumit, instead of his life… it has to be my life and not his life… as you have started the sentence with ” i am someone ” if am right.. what do you say? just a suggestion

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Well, you are cent percent right here. See, I have started with I because that is where I am portraying myself on the other hand, when I am writing His it means I am being an observer here. Someone who is watching thing and trying to figure out what is exactly happening. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

  2. A very Happy Birthday to you Sumit! May god bless you always.You are a wonderful writer and an amazing person.I wish you success,health and happiness in years to come.😘😊
    And love is the topic u at best at,in writing! B!! 😊😊😊
    Live long.😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m really sorry for the late reply 😦
      But I’m so glad to have your warm wishes Dar…. 😉😃😇

      Aww.. thank you so much for your love and support D…..

      I’ll work hard on what you have suggested 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wish you had an amazing birthday.. Even I thought of going on sabbatical.. Sometimes what you put your heart into doesn’t make sense to people.. So for now I have thought of it.. It’s again a thought.. And thus my whatsapp status.. Mana shared the same thing.. I guess is it because of the heat.. :p

    Anyways enjoy your life and just be what you are 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Happiest of birthdays to you Sumit ❤ Enjoy everything about this year 21, I hope it's everything you wish it to be. all the best with your sabbatical and I'm sure you will be missed but we'll see you later on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I know I’m a lil (actually toooo very) late….but here’s a belated wish….A very very happy b’day sumit….wish you the best of everything in life as that’s what you truly deserve…..and I would never want you to restrict yourself to one specific genre….all the random topics you post about add more versatility to your blog, exactly the way your personality is- VERSATILE….HBD….sea of smiles 👍 :)))

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ah.. you’re not at all late Antra, actually I’m late in replying back😅😅
      I was occupied in so much work and also flooded with gifts Antra…

      But I’m so happy that I received your warm wishes too😘😊
      I can’t tell you how happy I’m today Antra :)😃

      Liked by 2 people

      1. All your words are oozing out happiness! And I’m extremely happy for you ! May you receive many such wishes, gifts and everything else desired. Have a great time sumit 👍

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayyyyyy…. thank you Mithai. I’m so happy that I’ve posted 100+ posts. However, j could’ve posted 200+ till now, but I believe in quality rather than quantity😁😂

      Thank you to you for always being my friend and an enthusiastic reader of this blog. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Happy 9days-late birthday, Summit! Wish you’ll get the great life experiences through your 20s and be wiser than the previous version of you, and unlock lots of the achievements that await. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayyyyyy… you’re the first person in my life, Aruna who is still wishing me happy birthday even after this long. 🙂

      A heartfelt Thanks to you and your warm wishes Aruna. 😉😊


      1. Hahahahaha, oh well, not really sure whether you’re comforting me or not, it makes me think that you’ve never received such this late wishes :))

        You’re welcome Sumit, and sorry I typed your name wrongly with the double m on it. I just realize the moment you told me :”

        Liked by 1 person

  7. This pen is Definately mightier than the sword. Keep writing and keep inspiring . You are a genuinely nice human being to love and respect your family in this day and age. Hope your values remain intact. Have a blessed life Sumit 💐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is really a big compliment from a person who falls into the same category, Madhavi.

      I am always thankful to God that I get chance to meet wonderful people, including you. ❤

      They inspire me to be who I am today. Thank you so much for your lovely wishes, Madhavi. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I wish you all success in your personal and professional goals, Sumit!

    Having read your blog for few months now, you don’t look like a kid in anyway. You’re ready to accept suggestions, generous, friendly, and knows the right way to treat women!

    Happy Birthday! Keep smiling all your life!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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