Connect Franchise: Your Business Mentor

If we have a look at the history, franchising business started back in decades & has now completed almost 20 to 25 years. It has always attracted entrepreneurs and is a great business opportunity.

Started in early 2009 franchise business idea are highly prevalent in India now.


According to franchise business, a franchise is the individual or organisation who buys a franchise from franchiser at a certain amount as fees. By buying this the franchise becomes the owner of that and gets a right to operate all the operations and function of that particular business.

Though he is not the actual owner and has the right to carry out these functions for fixed time interval as entailed.

India has a population of more than 300 million and thus its economic growth is very necessary. India has been a great market for franchise business opportunities. Brand from all over the world keeps trying to nurture in an Indian market. Since past years, India has seen a large number of franchise business establishments.

As we all know, India is the second most growing economy in the world. This is due to the nurturing business in India. It is only possible because we, as an Indian are trying to get into entrepreneurship by innovative ideas or by taking the franchise of a particular field and brand to give a push up in the market.


I’ve come across this website and new startup and which is known as Connect Franchise, and doing really well in Indore and across India, from last two years.

I’ve researched about it how it can help those people who want to go for a franchise. Well, it lets you choose your field and interest and accordingly they counsel you whatever is best for you.

Connect Franchise, involves established franchise business that provides great business opportunities in India. It is a franchise company which has best brands and best investors. It ensure throughout development as it has the best experience, thorough knowledge and honed expertise of the franchising industry.


It works to provide best a franchise business opportunity to its clients.
Work to eliminate the gap between the brand and investors. They have observed that there are many people in India who have a potential business attitude for running a successful business. Young entrepreneurs from India are the best example.

They have also observed famous industries search for investors and multiple enhancement of existing brand. Their motive is to help both of them and focus on organising franchising industry in a more managed way.


They also provide different franchise opportunities to select from as I’ve already mentioned above, they’ll counsel you first and clear your queries about your plan.

They provide ideas for business, that helps you to survive in the challenging environment, which I think is really mandatory in these days of competition. It includes solutions, practical knowledge, and innovation for your business.


It provides best franchise opportunities to start a franchise. Their motive is to create best franchise opportunities in India with which anyone can connect. They are meeting fellow entrepreneurs and providing them new business opportunities. I’m glad to get some exposure from it.

Connect Franchise Services

They are your helping hand to growing future. Franchising as a business model is basically growing big in your business. It includes every aspect of your business. Settling business is not an easy task; they provide you all the tips and information for perfect working of your business model.

Brand Franchise Model Importance:

By buying a franchise you are open to a whole new business with already settled successful business operations.  By coming into franchise business one is in the growing business.

This includes all concept like branding, financing, settling etc. And that’s something really good I found about it.

Concept of connect franchise

There are two entities in franchise business


They would not only help you in maximizing your business but will also tell you everything that will lead you to profit maximisation. Together one can work to enhance the growth of the business. They analysis your business opportunities and makes you succeed in it. I guess, this is what we need the most in the initial level, isn’t it?;)

So yeah, here you can check out more about it-


Connect franchise is a leading franchise consultancy in India. It is an organization that provides the best business franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs. Its main motive is to expand already settled business and nurture it in all parts of India. It works to develop a franchise business model that establishes franchise business in India. It provides a wide range of business franchise opportunities.
Our motive is to create best franchise opportunities in India with which anyone can connect. We always enjoy meeting our fellow entrepreneurs and providing them new business opportunities.

If you’re already having any settled business which is not doing well, or you want to give it a boost then you can take the guidance of Mr Prashant, he will help you with all kind of things for your business. And he’s been successfully helping such businesses, that too free of cost. You can ask for the help, if you’re looking for one. 🙂


Mr Prashant Kulkarni, CEO of Connect Franchise

Mr Prashant Kulkarni |
Business Development

Mrs Vinaya Kulkarni |
HR and Training Head

Contact Details

Phone: +91-4088990/1/2/3/4
Mo: +91-8889578889

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33 thoughts on “Connect Franchise: Your Business Mentor”

    1. Yes yes. It’s very essential to learn about those things which are constantly doing well in the market for years. Now, it’s time to learn that techniques and implement them. 🙂

      Thank you so much for taking your time to read it and get inspired. 😀😀

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  1. Thank you for the article, being from the UK some of the services will be different over here but I will definitely check out some of the links. I have been an entrepreneur with start-up businesses and now I am involved in franchising and I can say without doubt franchising is the way to go! Best of luck with your endeavours.

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    1. That is really nice to know that you were involved in the same business earlier. But now I think of having a franchise, it makes me think of hell lot of other things too..

      According to you what can be the reason one should go or not go for a franchise?


  2. Great founders intuitively understand the importance and role of mentors. They recognize that startups are difficult, but realize that a great team paired with the presence of experienced and engaged mentors can make an enormous difference — and is often a strong indicator of future success.

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