Let’s Rendezvous..!!

“Telling a story is like a reaching into a granary full of wheat and drawing out a handful. There is always more to tell than can be told.”

Hi.. How are you doing? You must be so happy and wonderful, right?! Yeah!!!!!! I love that.😘 Yes, yes. I know it’s been a long time that I have not posted or read your blog posts. Ah! I’m really sorry. Actually that’s the thing I missed a lot in last few weeks. 

Happiness is posting a blog post with WordPress family.☺

You must be thinking where have I gone. Hehe..well, this time I did not tell anyone before going away from Internet world like I did last time for my MBA exams because it becomes hard for me to go. I remember I had posted a blog post in the onset of January that I’ll not be able to active on blogging due to exams. And, oh my Gosh! There were 125+ comments and your love I received through all the lovely comments wishing me luck and that I will be missed. And ultimately during my exams all I miss was you all. Haha! 

So this time I didn’t do that instead I tried to focus on a few other things. 

  • Writing Urdu Quotes 

Writing was one of them for sure. But with English I’ve also written a few poems and quotes in Urdu zabaan. I have written so many poems which I’m just going to share it with everyone here. I love when you love those poems. It seems I’m not the one who feels the same. But yeah, this time I’ve also tried to drown into the depth of poetry. I’ll be posting them with as time permits. Please let me know when I share them with You. ☺

Finance Sucked Again !!!

Finance Sucked Again😭

I’ve had described my hate for Accounting and Finance subject in the earlier posts. This time too, it sucked. Really! I mean, I don’t get it what is wrong with this subject? I’ve always been a Science student all my life. I had taken Physics, Chemistry and Maths in 11th standard then pursued my bachelor’s in Science with computer languages.

I was always in love with those 10-12 pages derivations of Maths and Physics. But I never knew that I’ll have to get through this boring subjects such as- Accounts and Finance in MBA.

Oh, Jesus Christ! Save me, please. I remember how I used to put aside my studies when it comes to study finance. 😂 

I, at times, used to skip the class and would drink shakes and would eat different cuisines in that time. You can imagine the hate through my words. I just don’t like it for no reason. 

It’s maybe because we both are like a divorced couple, neither Accounting understands me nor I do. 😂

I remember how I used to feel while sitting in the class, everyone is like solving the financial questions and all I could do was looking here and there, everybody’s face looking down with holding calculator in other hand. They all were racist. Huh! 😓:roll:
But I forced myself to study a bit, at least to get through this exam and thought this is the last semester in which I need to study. Afterwards, it’s time to choose specialization in the third Semester. Whoohoooo! 

I’m done with my exam now  My motto from now on is-

“Say NO to Finance!” 😂😂

(Accounting and Finance is like a dowry to me. Please, just ban it.😦)

When Guruji Appreciated SumitOfficial and its work

Let’s Rendezvous☺☺

On July 17, 2016 two great things happened – one, I had got a study partner with me which ultimately boost up my confidence in a good way, and the second thing is I decided to go to Goverdhanath Mandir after so long. 
I was done with my Darshan and I went ahead to take the blessings of our Guruji. As soon as I touched his feet and sat on the floor. 

There were bunch of other people too sitting in the hall. 
I was astonished when Guruji looked at me and told me something, I focused my attention towards him and I heard him telling me, 

“I read your blogs through different sources and I really like them.” Guruji said.

I was like speechless. I smiled and looked down at the floor. I could feel that each and everyone who were sitting in the hall, their eyes were on me as Guruji appreciated my work.
You know what is the best thing which can happen to you in your life? When you get appreciated in front of your Parents, your siblings and more importantly in front of those people who don’t know you but become curious to know about you. That’s when you achieve something in your life. That’s when you feel that you’re contributing a bit from your side to for the world. 
My father and elder brother were sitting with me too. I could see the love and pride in their eyes when I had the attention of everyone in the room. Nobody in my family knows what kind of a work I do. But all they can see is it’s been appreciated by the people when they randomly meet my father and tell them about me. And my dad is like, “Oh! Is it? I did not know that.” Hahah!
Then Guruji more curiously asked me, “Have you done any courses of writing or you have developed these habits by yourself?”

I said, it took me 18 years to know that writing belongs to me. I am meant for writing. I am the storyteller. I am the one who feels deeply about a tiniest things. He was so happy to know that. 🙂 

And more importantly it’s you guys because of which I’m able to post my work here. It’s you all and your beautiful comments which make me inspire all the time whenever I come up with anything. It’s you all, who miss me when I don’t post anything for days and weeks. 

Hence, all the credits SumitOfficial’s little bit success got is because of YOU. 😇

He also asked is it regarding my MBA or doing it differently. I said, I write about anything and everything on SumitOfficial’s blog. So it’s completely different thing. 

And the best thing was everyone sitting in the hall were looking at me so curiously. They must have thought who is this guy with Bushy beards? My daddy were standing at the back and my bro sat next to me. I looked at both of the faces. They felt so proud of that moment that Guruji asked and appreciated my work. 🙂

Guruji also asked me to write for Temple’s magazine.

He said, “I’ll dictate you everything will you write?” 

I said, in English? 

He said, yes. 

I was on top of the world. I’m a big fan and follower of Krishna. How can I say no? Well, I said yes. A big yes. And smiled, he smiled too.

As soon as we left, most of the men who were sitting in the same hall came closer to me and asked me curiously what do I do that Guruji asked about? I told them everything what kind of things I do. And they appreciated and blessed me too. 🙂 Few of them took my number too for the contracts. 🙂

I have never felt such celebrity feel before, at least, in the temple but then I experienced it too. 😉
I feel honoured. 😇
Thank You Note For My Well-Wishers

Every one of us love to receive an e-mail from our loved ones. Isn’t it? It is a human nature. 

We all have a deep-seated need to feel important in someone’s life, right? I just love receiving letters and e-mails and handwritten letters. And this is a fact that every important person in my life has my e-mail address and I have theirs. And I always write them a letter whenever I feel like.

I love sending and receiving big letters. 

This is what just happened in last few weeks. I was away from the Internet due to studies. But people who spread their love on me were still got connected with me through text message, e-mails, phone calls and in their prayers. 

I’m grateful to all of you who wished and prayed for me. Mana Di, Shreya, Chandni(Chandu), Eva, and Samridhi you all were one of them. ❤

I want to thank you all for being such great supporters. 🙂
Unsatisfied and Tired

When do you feel anxious? Maybe when you scared of something or you’ve done something wrong. But what if you feel nothing about anything. It’s like your heartbeats are not fluctuating anymore. It’s running linearly. I, for the first time in my life felt this thing during my exams. I was neither feeling like studying nor doing something else. I was not aware what’s happening with me. Let me ask you- Does it happen with you too? That you feel everything numb around you? Inside you?
It’s not that my exams did not go well. Yes. It went well. I used to take supplementary sheets to write down my answers. I have given my exams in half sleep though. I used to sleep for a while during the examination time because, I was too tired for no reasons. But here, what I’m telling you is- In life, at times, we don’t feel like doing anything maybe because of only two things :

  • Tired– In which you don’t know what’s happening with you and you are tired because you can’t help yourself.
  • Unsatisfied– You feel unsatisfied. It’s again like, having a million of Rupees in your bank balance but you don’t give a fuck about that money because you’re simply not satisfied with the quality of work you’re doing or you’re not happy with that piece of paper. Because for you, something else matters more. 

      This is what I felt in last few weeks. I’ve been waiting to write this post to know your suggestions on it. But again, this is what the life is. You can’t get angry on its decisions. Something great is going to happen with me in which I need to get my put my sweet and blood to make that perfect and I’m a little concern and excited about it that how am I gonna manage it. I know I’m going to do well in that. I’ll all let you know about what is that and would probably need your help too. 🙂

      Lastly, I remember the words of Rainer Maria Rilke for my situation

      …have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Do not now look for the answers. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experimenting everything. At present, you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day.   

      So according to this, I should be happy for whatever is happening. It’s better to let the answer come from itself. 😉

      I would love to hear from you, how have you been all these days. 😀

      I’m sorry if I could not read your posts. I’m on my way to read them all. 😀

      Have a great day ahead. And yes, this week I’m probably going to post a few of my write-ups for the most amazing and important people of my life:

      1. A post for Margaret Di’s gift for which I had taken an year and a half. 
      2. A post for My Professor on completing the first year of my college. ☺

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          65 thoughts on “Let’s Rendezvous..!!”

          1. It feels good be surprised isn’t it!?
            Well I’m happy for you, more than just happy, in fact.
            Good luck.
            Felt good reading the post, it surely gives hope to many.
            Looking forward to hearing from you on my blog too♡

            Liked by 3 people

          2. Woah ! woah ! This was a lengthy one … but enjoyed reading something new on SumitOfficial after a loooong time .. Welcome back Sumit bhai 😇
            P.s. Bhai , you are increasing my fear about Finance 😮😮 😂

            Liked by 3 people

            1. Hehe… Mahesh:)
              I try to not write this much, but I always end up with 1500-2000 words. 😅😂😁

              Thank you for such grand welcome Mahesh. 🙂

              I came to know that you’re gonna prepare for CAT further.

              MBA is the world’s best course. 🙂

              Liked by 2 people

          3. Welcome back Sir! I missed you sooo soo much. How badly I was waiting for another of your beautiful post, and finallly it’s here! 😃😃

            And yes, there’s no other thing like that proud smile of your parents’ faces which is because of YOU! I’m really reallly happy for you. Your work is being recognized, you’re making a change! 😇😇

            I loved that divorced couple wala joke, thank God you don’t have to look at those subjects again. 😂😂

            And next, I’m dying to read all those beautiful poems in Urdu and in English too. Post them soon. ☺☺

            And what a coincidence, I was about to tell you about that Rainer Maria quote. You remember, once you suggested me to read the book, “Who’ll Cry when you Die?” I found this quote today and amazingly, it connects to a lot of questions in life! So thanks to you again and again. 😊😊

            And lastly, I also wanted to write letters and mails to you, you never told me you’re active there, huh, Summmit Sir! 😕😕

            I loved reading this, waiting for more of your poems and ‘Masti wale post’ like mine! Take care. 😂😂

            Liked by 2 people

          4. It’s 2:50 am and I have read your post twice. Do you remember I told you, how I avoid reading such lengthy posts. But you write so touching and you’re so close to heart, I can’t deny myself reading it. ☺

            Sumit, you are such a blessed soul. God has bestowed with you such appreciable talents and best thing is you’re working on them and enhacing in most significant manner. ❤☺ You are a great source of inspiration for me or anyone out there. 😍☺

            I can perfectly imagine how proud moment it must have been for you when your Guru Ji appreciated you in front of your family and other people. I am so happy for you, sweetheart. And he asked for you to write Temple Magazine!!! Wow Sumit, nothing can be better than this. I am also a Lord Krishna’s fan. I love him. ☺❤

            It’s awesome to be a mention in your post. You’ll be always in my prayers. I’m always there for you. ❤

            Waiting for your urdu based writing. I have been *tolerating* your fascination for urdu since last days. So excited 😁😁 Anyway, I also love the sophistication and depth of this language. 👌

            Satisfaction!!!! The only thing I couldn’t answer you in your exams, why you weren’t satified. 😂😂 God save me from this question. 😹 Please Please! 😒

            Your blogs are woth-reading. There is always a feeling of affection and the way you interact with people makes them so special. You have a knack for it👌😍📝👍👏

            Can’t wait to read your upcoming posts. ☺

            Keep writing. 😍

            PS: I could not believe I made this comment (ofcourse, from my heart) ❤

            Liked by 2 people

            1. How beautifully you’ve written everything Shreyu. ❤
              Look at the irony here, you wrote this beautiful comment at 2:50 and I called you at 3:45 last night. And how our senses could feel the presence of each other in our hearts. 🙂

              I know you never give a damn for such lengthy posts. But I don’t need to worry, whether I write a short poem or a big story. I’ll always have you on my side. 😉

              It’s not my write-ups which are touchy, it’s your heart which could connect to this alphabetic words. ❤

              Yes Shreyu. I really feel blessed not because I’m bestowed with few things. But, because being a human my foot is on the ground and my dreams on cloud nine. I can see my mistakes and I allow myself to correct it. 😊

              I’m no one to inspire someone Shreyu, but all I know is how to love my people. You, and WordPress family is one of those whom I love the most, which ultimately inspire and motivate me to write more and more. 😇😇😊

              It was indeed a proud moment for me Shreyu. What can be the best thing than people know your father with your name. I actually felt this that day. .☺☺

              I had to mention you Shreyu. How could I not. You mailed me in advance, almost in every exam. Each and every time I used to open my e-mails I was on top of the world to see your mail. You made me smile. All the time. 😘

              I know Shreyu, your love and anger or whatever comes right from your heart. 😉

              I’ll be happy to get your views on my upcoming posts. 😊

              Thank you Shreyu, for such a lovely comment. Muah. 😘☺❤

              Liked by 1 person

              1. That’s the best thing about you. You have your foot on ground and dreams on cloud nine. 🙂
                Yea I commented at 2:50am and you called me at 3:45, as you say it’s all godly driven. ❤☺

                Shreyu 😍

                Liked by 1 person

          5. Yaar is baar itna lamba likha hai, kal se 3 break mein padha hai. Firstly know that you, your energy and your enthusiasm was missed around. It was like the ignition spark of the blogging world was missing. Feeling good and glad to read your post, welcome back 😊
            Congratulations for the compliment received and the way you made your father proud, I can imagine his state seeing you get appreciated. All the best for the results.
            I’m loving the transition of yours from a carefree teen to a mature adult, very good.
            Best wishes, God bless you Sumit Bhai 🙏😇

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Dheeraj Bhai I try to sum up everything briefly but it’s just that I can’t control myself when it comes to tell you all what I feel.

              It is my pleasure that you said such big words for me Dheeraj Bhai that something was missing without SumitOfficial’s blog post. It is indeed a blessing for me. 😃

              Thank you for your wishes. 🙂
              Yes, appreciation in front of our family members by others make our family happy. 🙂

              I’m happy that you said it Dheeraj Bhai. Still, I wrote a few words but thank God you haven’t spoken about that. Hah 😉

              It’s always a pleasure to get your views on my work Dheeraj bhai. 🙂

              PS- Sorry to made you read such lengthy post. 😂😊🙈

              Liked by 1 person

          6. It was such long narrative prose (i must say) but i enjoyed reading it in as much as i enjoyed reading and scrolling down the comments..till i got to this part where i get to write my own comment..

            Liked by 1 person

          7. It’s a pleasure to hear that you’re hanging in there despite the process of progress not always being pleasant. 😊 the energy and gratitude of your words are always welcome in my reader. 😁

            accounting, ugh. my degree is in it. 😦 something more to appreciate with age, but I don’t really know too many people that actually ‘like’ it, haha.

            will remember that quote about living the question and letting the chips fall where they may. wishing you and yours all the best!!!



          8. Phew *** Such a long post 😃 But I loved it ,specially the appreciation you received from your Guruji. It feels wonderful isn’t it to be appreciated . But then you seem like such a kind and genuine soul from your words
            Keep up the good work Sumit
            Waiting to read your Urdu poetry.
            Hope its as inspiring !!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I’m really sorry to kept you reading such big post. 🙂
              But what I love is I can’t resist myself to tell you everything. I just love telling you everything. 😃
              Yes, Madhavi. I’m really blessed to get those words from Guruji😃

              I’ll be sharing my Urdu poetries and also Unconditional Love series with Shreya. 😃

              I’m sire you’ll love it. :)))

              Liked by 1 person

          9. HI NICE TO MEET YOU. I’m Idealize from Idealizeblog and you liked a comment I made on TALKOHOLIC so I thought it wise to come and see what you are up to.
            I really liked this post ’cause you touched and tackled the issue of the boredom school can be at times. Believe me everyone goes through that stage everyday atleast, knowing you better do something ’cause your future depends on it yet you just don’t feel like it. It’s a stage of life and it definitely passes but hopefully without leaving lots of damage behind.
            2ndly, I would be so honoured to be honoured and recognise in public like that for doing something I love, it’s a prove you are good at it and are changing lives in the process. That, my dear has no prize. So my sincere congradulations to you, I’m sure you could do better and will reach heights with this starter.
            Furthermore; it’s important to interact with others ’cause we grow even if we’ve grown faster than our age demanded.
            Finally, I wish you all the best for the future. Go out to the world and continue to shine that light. Take great care.
            Idealize was here 😀


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