Wrist Watch & Time Management 

Once upon a time I was always like waking up till late nights maybe 5:30-6:00, or maybe waking up at 3:30 because I fucking can’t resist myself to write what’s in my mind. Something I can’t let roam around my mind. Something which has be executed. But now, since it’s been quite sometime that I’ve entered into the corporate world. Every fucking second is as important as hell. You can’t reach at office on time, if you don’t wake up early. You can’t get in if you can’t get in you’re late for the biometric punch. You can’t yawn in between your training, no matter you’re sitting for 8 or 10 hours. You cannot have your lunch/snack like you eat at your home. Ah! Lemme tell you, they’ll scratch you completely. You can’t make an excuse because you’re freaking paid for every single minute. Did you get that? Oh yes! I do. You can’t just say, oh it’s only a minute of delay. Go to hell now, if you can’t come on time. Oh man! Just calm down. Anything like that happen if you can’t value the time. Time is equivalent to money, and money is equivalent to every single entity. Respect time. Respect life. That’s all you learn in life. // 
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Sumit Yadav(25), popularly known as SumitOfficial, is a blogger from Mumbai who has been writing since 5 years, and has posted 600+ Blog Posts till now. He is an MBA and works in an Educational Industry in Mumbai as a Senior Career Consultant. His spare-time activities include creative things like -- Acting, Photographing, mimicking, singing. He has worked with Radios, appeared on National TV, interviewed authors, appeared on newspapers for multiple activities, and has written reviews for magazines. Also, he's been consistently writing offline in his journals for more than 875+ days now. He believes in Continuous Progression, and Exponential Growth. 

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24 thoughts on “Wrist Watch & Time Management ”

  1. A stitch in time saves nine.
    और जब आप धन्धे में है तो टॉका लगाना ज़रूरी है।

    अगर मै कविता नहीं लिखता होता तो इसे किसी और तरह से explain करता।
    Public dealing है तो हमेशा पान पसन्द मुह मे रखिए काम पर चलिए
    दूसरे customer is always right.

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  2. Though I haven’t been in such phase ever, I can still feel that running rush of time. How clearly you have pictorised in few words! The ultimate truth, We all are actually putting our efforts for such life, In fact, the steps to achieve our dreams.

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  3. Dear Sweet Sumit, looks like “corporate world” is just not meant for you. Dude start your own business, whatever you can handle and when “You are Your Own Boss”, you will be better.
    Time flies by and in today’s world, every second counts. Everything is judged with the “Time Factor”. Our lives follow the Time Control Rules.
    You have to be a “Robot” on Weekdays and “King” on “Weekends”.

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    1. Hi Cattie,
      Hahhaa… I wanted to write at the end that it has nothing to do with my entry in the corporate. But I thought if I will write, you all will think for sure.. but it is not 😉

      See Cattie, this has always been my dream to get in to the corporate. For a long time now. But as you have been reading and knowing about myself more that I am more engaged in several things which has nothing to do with time. For instance, if I want to write something or maybe prepare a script for my speech or maybe I have to take someone’s interview. I can do that any time in a day and night too.

      No matter it is 2 am or 5 in the early morning, I will do that because I am not bounded by anything. Since it is for my pleasure, I love doing it.

      But now, if I talk about my job, I am getting paid for each and every second more than any of my friends. That kind of work into I am. So it is but obvious that they will also expect something(Or I guess a lot from me too) from me.

      Sp I will have to be on time and need to be in a “LEARNING” mode even if I want to learn about how things work in the corporate.

      And of course Cattie, even if I start my own now, it won’t go that successful. Why? I am not aware of so many things which plays significant role in the market to endeavor.

      Are you able to get my point? No matter I am working for their dreams, back in my mind my sub-conscious is recording and learning everything.

      So it is a win-win situation, isn’t it? :))


  4. reaching somewhere on time is important and to value the time is also necessary bt sometimes we should take a break…and enjoy our life like a human not like a robot. For you take deep breath sumit…take care

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    1. Hi Riya!
      I am agree with you that being on time is required but not necessarily all the time. But that is what I have tried to convey here that in life, we have been wasting our time for so long. I, myself is 21 now, even though I have achieve a lot of things in life. Though, when I look back I feel bad that if I was this much concerned back then it would have been much better.

      So the moral of the story is, since I have entered into the corporate(believe me, I am so happy) it is teaching me so many things everyday.

      Time management is one of them. :))


  5. I feel for you…the tyranny of the urgent doesn’t allow time for catching a break. As for waking up to write, I do that, too…it’s such a pain when I’m all kinds of tired, but if I don’t capture the thought, it escapes me 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. The day started I had so much anxiety – always felt like in was running late – was shocked on the first day my phone did not ring once…I even felt lost for a bit. Now I’m open to new possibilities…

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    1. Hahahah… The same happened with me a lot of times when I was working in a corporate. We always need to rush up for things, just to chase the time. I remember how I had skipped my breakfasts for the time. 😂😅

      But glad to hear your new positive thoughts, Jenn.
      Keep growing. 😊😊


  7. Something which has be executed. 

    I am taking it from here..
    Actually I am shopping for my new post and your market (blog) has a variety that I seek….
    And the owner is my friend you see, so it is convenient for me😅

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