Locoweed and tacit talk




a time when

it’s December,

when everything

slows down.. tacit talks,

locoweed everywhere..

night full of darkness

and the Moon is along

with its favourite Star. 


Copyright© 2015-2016 by SumitOfficial

All rights reserved 


Published by: SumitOfficial

Hi, I this is SumitOfficial. Age 22 Writer | Blogger | Video Jockey | Orator | Singer | Painter | Sketcher | Interviewer | Artist | MBA. Sumit Yadav (SumitOfficial) is 22 years old ardent blogger, who is engaged in several activities related to art, literature, and creative projects for more than 2 years now and, is also connected with many such people around. He's a Social Media Influencer with his regular blog posts. He is an MBA by qualification and has offered his service in MNC.

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28 thoughts on “Locoweed and tacit talk”

      1. Hahaha… you are reminding me of my first semester.. lol!

        My job? It is going really well Fairy. What do one require when there are more challenges every day in you office. You learn to deal with them. I am doing the same.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ohh yes! It’s a fantastic idea😂😂
        It was very good… Official attire, corporate working, etc.
        I got selected by 5 co. and I chose one which is Work from Home as a Content Writer!


    1. Hi Kaushik!

      This is really nice to see you here. I have been into the group for a long time but couldn’t get in touch with people because of my busy schedule.

      Thank you so much for liking it. 🙂

      For how long have you been blogging?


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