Keyuri: My Journey with an Angelic Girl

Human psychology is engrossed with attachment disorder, isn’t it? How come we meet someone on the journey of our life that too in a strange way. At times, I really wonder who runs this nature? Is there anyone sitting up there to make us meet the good and bad people in our life. And of course, there is no good or bad, it is just an assumption we make for each other. No matter how bad a person behave with you, he/she will teach you a lot of things which you will admire for the rest of your life.

Life? How uncertain is this word Life, where you meet people around you who loves you like anything and then, in a fraction of seconds everything just vanishes away; You don’t always get a chance to cherish the sweet moments for a long time.

Just like this, I met this girl named Keyuri, which means Armlet or a flower. She is not just a name. Then who is she? Well-

She is the strange girl with charm and shine,

she is the girl who wears a smile all the time.

She is the one who would always tell you weird things,

She is the girl who flies with her wings.

She is the girl who expresses a lot,

She is the girl who yells in her grot.

She is the girl who loves her beloved ones,

She is the girl who dances and jumps.

She is the one who will never leave you,

She is the one who will always believe in you.

She is the girl who takes you in her arms,

She is the girl who will take away your pain.


Now that represents my Keyuri. So yeah, I am going to take you on a ride with me on My Journey With an Angelic Girl!


She Came Into My Life As An Angel Falls

She is the first girl who had talked to me on the very first day of my job. Isn’t is weird that there are hundreds of people who are striving and trying hard to crack the deal with clients. Everybody was busy doing their work. Nobody cares about anyone(at least, until you are new in the organization) but Keyuri was the girl who approached me. And believe me, you will never forget the person who has come to talk with you when nobody did.

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“Hey, Hi!” Keyuri said.

“Hi!” I replied hesitantly.

Of course, you can’t just shout when you are not even aware of this thing call MNC, where probably hundreds and thousands of people work together. You never know how everyone is going to treat you.

“What is your name?” She asked me with full of smiles on her eyes more than her lips.

I love such people who can easily put their hearts in front of you when they talk to you. They are not double-faced. They don’t want anything from you in return. Keyuri was one of them.

“My name is Sumit. Sumit Yadav. It is my first day on the floor.” I replied with some enthusiasm now.

“You were looking fantastic on that Navratri Day with that traditional dress. Congratulations for winning the Best dress-up title. Man!” She congratulated me with the same wide smile. Her palms on her chin, she inclined her chair towards.

“Haha! Thank you so much!” I embarrassingly said thank you.

Okay. So I did not know incorporates people don’t follow the rules. We were told by our trainer that everyone has to dressed up according to the festive. Since I was the winner last time as well, so I thought of getting the title in my job too. And thankfully I won this time too. Haha!

We got to know each other as time passed. And we became very close to each other. We were not lovers. We were not best friends, we were out of any of the relations. We loved to hang out together. And I became her baby bro. Haha! That’s what she always call me. I remember how angry she used to get when someone says against me, she was always protective of me. And I loved that being loved by her like a little brother.
Lunch Time! I’m gonna pay.. no me.. no.. me…n….wallet snached *Sigh*

Since most of them in the organization were from different cities of India. So everyone used to have their lunch in the cafeteria only. Keyuri and I used to have lunch together, not always but yes most of the time. As always we used to fight with each other when it comes to paying the bill.

That sound very obvious that no matter who is the boy; boyfriend, friend, father, or a brother, he is supposed to pay the bill. I agree, but you know what I have this belief system when I need to find out if the girl is independent or not. I mean, I respect those girls who are independent. Not just financially, but mentally. As they say, you should respect yourself first, then only people will respect you. Keyuri is one of them. 🙂

Every Celebration Needs Chocolates

Okay, so before meeting Keyuri I was not addicted to chocolates. But when I met her we used to celebrate every little achievement by having a Munch or Perk. Haha! We used to fight again to pay. She was stubborn. She still is.. 🙂


Shuffling! The Worst Thing Which Could Happen With Us

As they say, nothing lasts longer. It was a time when the whole organization got shuffled. All the managers, team leaders, top management, everything got shuffled. And so did Keyuri and me. It was a painful step for all the employees because nobody likes the changes. But again, change is the only constant.

The last day of shuffling, Keyuri and I got so overwhelmed that we wrote things we appreciate in each other.


The best gift you can give someone is a description of that person on a plain paper. Nothing is much more appreciated than that.

We did the same, I wrote a few pages for her, and so did she. There is nothing new in those words because she has expressed a lot of affection and love for me by then, still, I have taken care of those pages. And I will cherish them forever.

Keyuri did not tear the pages where I had written, she took the entire diary with her. Hahaha! How cute she is! 🙂

A Letter Is Not Just A Letter. It’s A Form of Love

As I had to prepare for my examination, I had to leave the job. Again another turn in life. Life is unfair, and you have to accept the fact. To give me a see off from the work, Keyuri and Vaibhav sir (Our Samir alas Amit sir ;)) met me, on the very night when I left the job. 3 of us had dinner together, have had ice cream, and they had a lot of gifts for me.


Chocolates, letter, and a watch. Ok, so this time again Keyuri made me speechless with her letter she bought for me. How can she be so sweet and lovable all the time? I just love her like anything. :*


So recently she called me up and said we’re gonna meet in Trance pub, just drop all your work and meetings. Tonight just 3 of us would be there. Again, a happy moment for all of us to meet. We met and enjoyed till 12:30 AM.


Vibhav sir, Keyuri and I.



A few days ago she called me and said, she’s going to leave Indore soon. I astonishingly asked why? She said, my joining date has come up in March for TCS.

A moment when you don’t know you should be happy for the happiness of your beloved ones, or you should feel sad that you are not going to see her whenever you want. She will not be able to meet you when you feel like meeting her. You can’t call her up and ask her to meet you. She’s going far away. Somewhere, where you cannot meet her regularly. Or maybe never.

One should always cherish wonderful moments in his/her life with the person he/she feels good with because you never know when life takes a U-Turn and everything changes in a fraction of a second.

Today is Keyuri’s birthday. I want to dedicate this entire journey with her through my words. I am grateful for the very ‘Hi‘ she had greeted me to the last ‘Bye‘ she would say.

Happy Birthday Keyuri

Keyuri, my mischievous sister-figure girl, I cannot tell you how much love and respect I have for you. I love you a ton. I really want you to be strong, as you are now, and never feel bad about anything. Your baby bro is always there near you in your heart. I just love you.. love you a load. . .

Your baby bro



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163 thoughts on “Keyuri: My Journey with an Angelic Girl”

    1. Yes yes.. Lavanya she has already read and let her people read the blog 20 times. 😂😂

      And when I show her your and other bloggers’ wishes she got overwhelmed. 😍😘

      Thanks so much Lavanya for making her smile wide. 😙😊

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  1. Lunch Time! I’m gonna pay.. no me.. no.. me…n….wallet snached *Sigh*
    बहुत पहले शायद 1985 जयपुर की बात है मेरे साथ भी कुछ ऐसा हुआ जिसकी भूमिका यही थी। हम पांच दोस्त जूस की दुकान पर जूस पीने के बाद यही कर रहे थे। बगल में एक couple खड़ा था जो हालैण्ड से थे अपने अपने जूस का पैसा दिया और मेरी तरफ मुखातिब होकर बोला
    “What was that strange why u r paying …….”अचानक सवाल से कि मैं सबके पैसे मैं क्यों दे रहा हूं……अवाक रहा कुछ देर”
    फिर मैं बोला well bro I think you never understand that we nurtured like that. It’s runs in our blood to share
    “Share” literally means divide your share if you pay separately.
    Since the generations we do like that.
    Someone said coin is coin but if you ask head and tail you create world
    तुमने वो संसार खड़ा कर दिया जिसमें मतलब तो है, सार नहीं है।

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    1. That’s because I am very expressive soul Sup, which let me love them as I feel for them, and when they know about it. They make me feel the same. 😊😊

      I showed her your wish, and she conveyed a big thanks for you Sup. 😀😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Nothing can be better than that, Rumnager. My kid is the one who nurtured me in such a way where I can love people around me.

      I’m so blessed to have beautiful people around me. Even here too on WordPress. 😉😊😘

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  2. Oh, my gosh….this post is absolutely awesome….so heartfelt and heartwarming….it resonates with the power of love and connection…..we should all love and be loved this way….I am so happy for you that you have such amazing connections….you deserve that so much…it is a perfect fit for your loving and appreciative soul….thanks for this uplifting offering 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow.. your view is amazing. My motive for this blog is very simple, to motivate and inspire others with whatever I can share with.

      I love people around me and to beloved by them. What more can one want in life? 😊😉


  3. Aww this is so sweet.
    I think it’s very sweet when you’re able to find someone you really like, not so self conscious with, yourself with, on most levels.
    Oh… And you’re very good looking 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a fantastic and loving tribute to Keyrui and especially on her birthday! You two are lucky to have each other as Soulmates! A Soulmate doesn’t just have to be for lovers! It is that relationship that is so woven together that even though the threads are individual the effects of being together creates a marvelous tapestry!
    You, my friend, have been “Blessed” to have found a beloved sister/friend! It is one of the best things in life to be “Beloved” and you both can be so thankful (at a young age) to have found that. I hope you continue to hold onto it even though you are separate in space. You can always hold someone close to your heart no matter how far away they.
    It is so wonderful that the two of you have been fellow travelers in your lives. I do hope that you will continue to keep your relationship even though life seems to have put you on different paths, for now. In life you will have many acquaintances but only a small handful of true friends.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Awww; what a blessed post. It’s nice to share the happiness you had together with others and to show the appreciation of your times together, for the times you had. Beautiful, Sumit, and best wishes to you both. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, in life, it’s so important to have those people in our lives who actually understands us.

      Have you ever found anyone as such, please share your story if you have any, I’d love to hear. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True; that’s agreed. Each person touches our souls with different effects, as we do theirs (and they’ve done mine). Your comments are very kind; thanks again.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s of the same job I denied to cut my beard for…
      Keyuri was the girl who made me so comfortable sitting and doing work for the very first time.

      The best part? She’s still the same even after 4 years. She loves me like anything, and so do I. She always calls me Baby bro, and loves me unconditionally.

      I had to write this one.


      1. You scared me you know..
        I thought I again ended up saying something about his beard and now he’s never gonna respond.

        I was about to frame something but wasn’t able to. I thought I made you upset..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Now WordPress know that, and it will probably allow us to have a conversation through comments.

        After all, WordPress knows you’re a blabbermouth. 🤷🏾‍♂


      3. Damn! How could you get that?
        I’ve seen people taking me sensual all the time, and considering as sex blogger.
        And here you are, hardly a few days, and you claimed what you felt.

        Rashmi Awtani. You’re beautiful inside out. You have an observation of an eagle. ❤


      4. I’ll tell you how I got that…
        You made me meet the real me
        The talks I have with you maybe I don’t with anyone else…
        I have seen so much respect from someone who hasn’t seen me yet understood me….
        I have seen someone having all my attention….

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I’m doing my office work.
        I had gathered the data of 11,000 and I’ve bifurcated all of them which took me 6 hours.
        And now, I’ll WhatsApp them my brochure. People make calls. I like to find my own ways through creative content.


      1. No doubt in that.
        Half the times you save yourself with your smartness, and rest with being cryptic….

        But I however end up liking your honesty ….
        You see that coming 😅


      2. Umm.. Technically, if it’s other than the artwork. People might.
        Because WordPress’s policy doesn’t allow these comments always which are not in relevance of the posts.

        It throws them to spam too.


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