Hi! all the lovely readers and wonderful people,

I am really sorry as it’s been few days that I have not posted anything. I got busy in a lot of activities these days. How have you been? I hope you had a great week, now finally it’s weekend. Wooohooo!

As many of you read the last blog post which I posted on March 08, 2017 (Women’s Day) Do Indian Girls Have An Attitude Problem? And believe me guys, I have spent nights and days to gather all the information to make the post complete, and it did pay me off.

Being a writer all you need is your readers can connect with your thought process, and they can relate to the situations you are writing about. I have always been an observer, most of the things I write is based upon my thought process or something which I have experienced (Not when I write about BDSM. Haha!)

It gives me immensely pleasure to tell you that along with you with all of you the blog post reached many people across the world. It was shared and read by thousands of people, and when I get their views, I felt really honored with their words. They had great respect for me being a man writing on such topic which a normal girl faces in her daily life. Well, I can only say that I am just a mediator to bring a change in people’s mind. And to be honest, I received hundred of texts where guys have confessed that they did a lot of things which I have mentioned in the post. They thanked and promised me not to do any such activities. I did my work even if it can only change one person. 🙂



In less than 24 hours the post had reached 10k people, yesterday it crossed 13k and still counting, hearty thanks to everyone of you guys. 🙂


As I said I have been busy with a few thing yesterday’s interview was one of them. I had appeared for the interview yesterday morning, and in the Group Discussion session something happened and I couldn’t resist laughing and sharing on Facebook which I would like to share with you 🙂


Anyway, I got through the GD round and also in PI round as well. 🙂

Divyani, my best friend was also there along with Karishma. We clicked a few pictures as we went before time on the venue.

So that’s all for today, I really wish you have a great Sunday.

Take care! Love you all. 🙂


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80 thoughts on “Gratitude!”

  1. Great Sumit. The part that many guys messaged you and promised you to never do such things again is an amazing change you could bring. Well done 🙂

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  2. MERI saadi Teri saadi se jyada safed hai.
    Attitude mein problem hai.
    Thank you kah ke Gale Milo chalta hai.
    Liptana mat uske kahte hain chep hai.
    वो जिसने उम्मीद ही नही रखी उसने अपनाया भी नही,
    तुम रौशनी करो, अँधेरा नींद है तुमने जगाया भी नही.

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  3. Glad to see that guys confessed and promised not to do such things again.😊
    I had told you that you were playing your small role in changing the mindsets even then you said you didn’t tried to make any change, just portrayed the reality. 👍

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  4. Wah bhai Loved your gratitude waala attitude!!😘😘😘😘Like always you are really doing a great job bhai👍👍👍👏👏👏👏Jitni taarif karoon utni kam hai😇may god bless you with all the things you want and happy holi and happy sunday and happy everyday😘😘😘💞

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  5. Hey Sumit,just saw you here while general browsing. It’s very beautiful when you realise that some people are living your dream and that,things you have always been thinking about-are possible and being done perfectly as you wanted. Heartiest congratulations 😊
    I just want to ask,how did your journey in this field begin ?

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    1. Hi Deepshikha!
      I guess, you’re new in the blogosphere. But to be honest I didn’t feel like that with your words.😊

      Yes, I’m so much grateful for whatever I’ve been blessed with. And I thank each and everyone for everything. 😇

      Deepshikha, to tell you clearly about my journey I’d want you to go through some of my blogs I’ve posted earlier. 🙂


      1. To be honest I did saw many of them but not thoroughly.
        So,was it like you started from WordPress and just posting your part here ?
        I might sound very curious but I’m actually confused with the whole idea of how to get into it.
        I found you quite relevant as I mentioned earlier and so thought of asking such things. I hope it’s not awkward for you.

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      2. Not at all. As you can see a notification popped up to you “SumitOfficial followed your blog” I’m already excited to read your work as soon as you post it.

        It’s not a rocket science Deepshikha, whatever you’ve written just post it as your first blog post.

        Press the publish button and you’re ready to go.


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