खरपतवार (Weed)

उस खरपतवार को भी अब क्या दू

इल्ज़ाम मैं अपनी बर्बादी का

कि जिसके हर एक कश में

मैंने उसकी यादों को जीया है।


English Translation-

 Why should I blame the weed to

destroy  my entire life,

After all, that is the only resort I have now

when you and your memories are lost. Forever.

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All Rights Reserved.


Published by: SumitOfficial

Hi, I this is SumitOfficial. Age 21 Writer | Blogger | Video Jockey | Orator | Singer | Painter | Sketcher | Interviewer | Artist | MBA. A normal person but a unique & powerful soul. I am someone who has explored his life through the biggest challenges in very little age, faced those periods which I scared if dreaming about today. I'm a learnt soul. Welcome to my blogosphere - SumitOfficial. This blog is a memoir of my life and experiences. you might or might not find so many interesting factors as you can get in other bloggers' posts. but I'm sure of one thing that with my posts you'll be able to relate it with your own life. You'll find the value of life, people, relationships, love - how it works, learnings for a better future. So if you wanna get notified with all these factors, just click on the follow button and do subscribe. I'll surely do the same for yours. Thanks! -SumitOfficial

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91 thoughts on “खरपतवार (Weed)”

      1. A lot of them, they are never just words bhai, they are impression of experiences of stories, of thoughts, of the feel that maybe no felt, they never are just words, they are maybe someone’s stories wanting to be heard… maybe the stories that only your imagination could read, the stories that your heart could feel in the way no one did…..

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  1. Weed is one of the wild meaning of kharpatwar. Otherwise its an unwanted
    Plants grown automatically with agriculture products

    Mere blog ka title rakhne ka reason bhi meri zindgi ka ek sacha kissa hai.
    Mein ek din khet mein apne uncle ke sath ghum raha tha. Sabhi kuch na kuch
    kaam kar rahe the to maine kaha mujhe
    Bhi kuch kaam do. Vo bole achcha aise karo tum ye kharpatwar ukhad kar khet
    se bahar fenk do. Maine puchha vo kya hoti hai. Uncle bole is khet mein
    gehu(wheat)ke elawa jo bhi poudha ya ghas ug rhi hai ukhad kar fenk do.
    Jab mein ye poudhe ukhadne laga to unme itne sundar sundar pahadi phool the
    jo mera todne ka man nahi ho raga tha. Uncle samajh gye bole “pet ki bhukh
    ka jo nasha hai vo har nashe se bada hai. Ann hai to jivan hai.” Tabhi
    maine vo sundar phool todte hue do line likhi thi jo
    Baad mein maine modify ki hain

    मजबूरियों के खलिहान
    खुशियां खर-पतवार सी,
    क्या उखाड़ना था, क्या उखाड़ बैठे।

    मुझे रोशनाई की ज़रूरत थी,
    वो शम्मा जला बैठे ,
    क्या संवारना था, क्या संवार बैठे।

    कितनी दरारें हैं
    मकान और रिश्तों के बीच,
    इक लकीर सी अब भी दिखती है,
    कई बार मिटा बैठे।
    शीशे में जो बात है,
    आईने में कहाँ,
    एक छवि को संवारना था,
    खुद को उतार बैठे।

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    1. Bahut hee khoob Rakesh. As I told you you were the only motivation for me to write this. Kharpatwar. I just love this word.

      Your stories are always fascinating. And may be that’s the reason that I always wait for your view on my posts. You make them complete. 🙂

      The poem you have written is outstanding.


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