Gear up for the Gair: Indore’s Famous La Tomatino Fest

I always wonder what if we, as Indians, had something like La Tomatina festival in our country too. I mean, it is so great to have such activities in the city where we can gather and celebrate, where we gotta meet new people, just do whatever comes to the mind. People would go crazy over things.


Then I realized, it is not that impossible for us who are from Indore. Ever since I was a little kid, my dad used to take me to this fest which happens in Indore on today Rangpanchmi. You will not see much enthusiasm on the day of Holi in Indore, but when it comes to Rangpanchmi; people go crazy for this which is almost similar to La Tomatina.

What is La Tomatina?

The festival is held in a town called Buñol in Spain which has a population of 9000 people. Started in 1945 the festival has been held on the last Wednesday of August where every year multitudes from all over Europe converge to paint the town red. Literally.
About 145,000 kg of tomatoes is expected to be used for the last year event.
That’s about 16 kg tomatoes per person( population wise). Woah!

So yeah, Owing to its rich cultural background, Indore Festivals are celebrated with great zest too and are one of the main attractions of the city of Indore.


Though growing westernization has been a reason behind the celebration of events like Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day and New Year’s Eve, Indore has not lost its traditional values.


Rangapanchami is celebrated five days after Dulendi or Holi, but it is not the usual Holi colors that paint the atmosphere around, rather it is the color of music that fills the air. Indore has its own style of celebrating Rang Panchami.


Here, it is celebrated like Dulendi, but colors are mixed with water (In thousands of liters) and then poured on others. On the event of the festival, the local municipal corporation sprinkles color mixed water on the main streets of old Indore. Earlier, they used fire brigade vehicles for this purpose.


The city still celebrates a host of traditional festivals which originated centuries back. All national festivals, like Diwali, Holi, Eid-ul-Fitr and Rakhi, are also celebrated in Indore with the same enthusiasm as in the other parts of Madhya Pradesh as well as India.
Rangapanchami is an age-old festival, which was celebrated during the Holkar reign and continues to be celebrated till date.


Isn’t it fascinating to see something like this? People are enjoying, dancing, applying colors on each other. Those People become hilariously funny when they’re drunk in the rabble, and being extra polite to their fellow mates. Haha! You just can’t hate or ignore them, as they are completely lost in their own world on this day. 😂😂😂


I am sharing this YouTube link so that you can have a look how it actually looks (It is not that good in quality, but I could manage this only for now 🙂 )

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58 thoughts on “Gear up for the Gair: Indore’s Famous La Tomatino Fest”

  1. In my entire life i haven’t heard about rangpanchmi..and with full of xcitement this is celebrated with togetherness. It literally amazed me…thankyou so much for this info..
    I wish indore would b my born place 🙈
    I will surely attend this in my upcoming life ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I loved it. I wish I were there, too. It is really good to celebrate such festivals as they bring people together. A lot of people give lectures on wastage of tomato on this festival.
    I have a different thought. It is not wastage of tomato, it is an investment in your happiness and we all deserve to be happy. You got a life once, do all crazy shit and live the way you want.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, Alchem. I completely agree with you. They don’t waste tomatoes in Spain it’s just they have over production of Tomatoes and they enjoy with the festival with it.

      I’m so glad you loved it. Please do come Indore once. 😊😊😘


  3. Ah bhaijaan did you participate?Fun time isn’t it? I toh get super excited after hearing about any festival(or I rather say reading😅) maaja? Isn’t it?tamey khub maja karo, aa divas roz nathi avase😂😂🎉😁😁😇

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Maja mq chu ane tame kem cho? … I knew you were busy….missed u more than you missed me😂😇😍… haha may I ask with whom were you busy?😂😂😂😂Oops I know obviously you were busy with work not with “someone”😂😂😂😂… 😍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Heheheh! Arre aaj ki baat batata teko, there was this girl on Facebook, she posted a status that she’s fucked up with the studies, kuch maza nahi aaraha hain! Is there anyone who feels the same?

        I said, yes! I do. To bolti, experienced?
        I said my blog post will tell you that, so I shared the link of the blog post I had written last year after my 1st sem’s exam. Aur uske baad to wo itti khush ho gayi. Hahahah!

        She built a lot of confidence after that. Haha!

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      3. Once again bhai cheers👏👏👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉like seriously???? all of us are fucked up some how yaa.😅😂😂and you know if I was in your place i could have written the same…. let me tell you the TRUTH, every becomes soooooooooooo khush after talking to U💞❤and I know seriously I have never seen any blogger promoting so much like you do …. har cheez pe post available hai 😂😂😂people love you soo much bhai but me even more😍😂😇

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      4. You know this is the second time I asked…Aah you won’t tell like this bhai I know someday when we meet that time toh you should tell only😂😂😂Meri curosity ka nahi toh India ki curosity ki toh fikar karo😂😂😂😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. was amazing. I have heard about Rangapanchami but never seen this. Such a crazy crowd…Oh, My God.colours in the Air…water were sprinkling …..loved it. Thank you, bro, for sharing such a traditional event of our Nation.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually did but now it’s like the reality… I have to catch up with my works since I’m do a little bit a freelancing… have to also just get situated… get back in the routine…

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Since the time I have seen tomatino festival in a bollywood movie called zindagi na milenga dubara, it was my greatest desire to take part in it. But it was not so easy. But after reading this, i am very glad… Next time i will be der in indore to take part in the festival😍 and a many thanks for letting me know about the festival

    Liked by 1 person

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