TIP: SumitOfficial As Blogging Partner

The difficult part of writing is writing it to connect. It is not about writing well or using good words. It is always the connection.

Hey guys! 

How have you been all? I wish and hope that you’re living the best days of your life. About me? Well, I’m blessed enough to get blessings from all of you and people out there. And by the grace of God I’m doing really great.

I’m happy to announce you that SumitOfficial has become an official blogging partner of our upcoming event The Immersive Project by Kaffeinated Konversations & Indore diaries. 

The event will be held in Indore only for 5 days where we have invited many professionals of different areas and talents. It concludes artists, writers, publishers, painters, speakers, RJ, freelancers and many more. 

The Immersive Project attempts to connect you with the experts in freelance writing, content writing and copywriting world. 

This session promises to equip all kinds of writers (novice or professional) to gain a creative perspective to their writing skills. Bloggers, Writers, content professionals, aspiring copywriters get added advantage.

Why did I become a part of it? Well, I’m not doing it for any monetary benefits, in fact, I will not get a single penny for it. My only motive to be a part of it is to share what kind of things we should do to cultivate the good habits in our mind. It will give you an exposure to do that in your place too. 

I hope you’ll be equally excited as I am right now for the event. I’ll update you everything as soon as I get some time to write. 

I’m sharing a few pictures here to let you know a bit about The Immersive Project. πŸ™‚
(The most impressive world renowned artist, Wajid Khan, the heartthrob RJ Navneet of MyFM Radio and traveller Suppanandam on April 5.)


Session Date : April 1- April 5, 2017

TIme: 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Venue: CafΓ© Palette, Indore.

Copyright Β© 2015-2017 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved. 

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