The Immersive Project: Reel Time(Film Fest)

Cinema is playing an essential role in our day-to-day life. There are so many different kinds of films which release every week such as real life story based, documentaries, romance, erotica, history, and of course comedy.

The excitement it gives is amazing!

Importance of Cinema

Each kind of cinema has its defined audience which has different effects on the audiences. I think films are not made to just entertain us but it surely tells us a lot of things which we can implement in our lives. It has a lot to teach us.

With the pretty girls. Hehe!

The knowledge we get from movies is commendable. It depends on what kind of a movie you are watching because each movie wants to tell you something, it is you who is going to take the good part from the movie to implement that in your life. We all do that, don’t we?

A Learning Process

A lot of people who wants to learn English or any other language should also watch movies with sub-titles. It does not only provide you the spelling but also helps in how to pronounce it.


I am telling all this because I just realized how important it is for a person, and especially for a writer to watch the movie. As I met an author Neil D’silva(I’ll be telling you about him very soon as he’s one of the speakers of tomorrow’s session.), yesterday on his book launching in Indore, where he tells me the importance of cinema. I was really shocked to know his perspective. I’m being honest here, till now I was very very bad at watching movies. I mean, if two people sit and talk with me about a movie I’d be blank for sure. I don’t remember the story of famous movies either, where people keep on talking about the hidden meaning if the movie. Haha!

Be A Movie Buff

I have more than 350 GB’s movies on my laptop which were given by my friends as “Must Watch Movies of All Time” but it was my bad that I could never understand the importance of it since I am(was) not a movie buff earlier and never watched them. But I am surely going to watch them now.

Once the discussion starts it will give you a lot of perspectives.

Reel Time(Film Fest): The Immersive Project (Day 1)

But thanks to our event The Immersive Project event organised by Kaffeinated Konversations & Indore Diaries which started from today where I learned the importance of cinema by watching a Hindi comedy movie Andaz Apna Apna- Amar and Prem belong to middle-class families but dream big. Gaiety ensues when they both vie to win over a multimillionaire’s daughter to become her heritor.


The movie was fantastic as all of us laughed a lot while watching it. Also, there were many real facts about the movie(which most of the movies has, all we need to do is research on it. And I bet, it is so fun doing that) we discussed about this movie after watching it, and also about those which are “Must watch movies” a few girls during the session penned it down in their diaries. How amazing is that when we talk about things in details. 🙂

They are just growing kids but we can see the curiosity on their faces to learn something new. 🙂

To sum up, I guess, good films can make our lives better, of course not all the movies but again it is up to us to let the movie affect us in a positive or negative ways. 🙂

So The Immersive Project’s Day 1 ends with laughter and learnings. I’ll be sharing the Day 2 event tomorrow evening. Till then do take care of yourself. Bye. 🙂

A groufi picture 😉

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51 thoughts on “The Immersive Project: Reel Time(Film Fest)”

  1. You know what Bro? I am slightly good (or maybe I assume so) at English and this is because of my watching HBO, Warner Bros, and Star movies, (English subtitles) trick works wonder, It has also helped me in good dialogue writing in my pieces of fiction!
    Great post! 🙂

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    1. Exactly! And I am so glad that you could relate to what I have mentioned. Learning is a continuous process and we must do something new everyday to be a better person. 🙂

      And you’re definitely hold a good command over English language. 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your views. 🙂

      BTW did you like the concept of the event? 🙂

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  2. Your writing is going on a new height, keep that attitude up, as I know, you will. One thing for sure with the reading of this, I would say. That’s how, you depict your daily life activities in the shape of garland, which shows the beauty of experience, learning, and exploration and you are looking way far from an average human. Congratulations and good luck for future..

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  3. That was a wonderful writeup of the day’s proceedings, Sumit. I wasn’t there today, but I got a feel of what happened through this post.

    Yes, movies are a learning experience. The right movies can open your minds to so many new things, and change your perspective. As a writer, I have learnt a lot about the craft of storytelling from the movies I have watched, even the bad ones 🙂 Maybe that is why my readers say my writing is very visual.

    And kudos to the entire Kaffeinated Konversations team of Kavita Singh, Manish Dhane, Rohan Bapat and everyone else for putting this up, including you Sumit. I am so looking forward to interacting with this audience tomorrow!

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    1. I’m so so glad Neil that you read and liked the post. Your suggestions are really worth and I’m already excited for tomorrow’s event.

      I’m sure tomorrow’s blog post would be lengthier than this one. 🙂

      Thank you for leaving your comment Neil. 💞😊


  4. So nice to be able to share this experience with you guys, thanks for making it available. In America, it seems that we watch a movie because we want to, look forward to it, it being a popular trending movie, but to watch it like this with expectation, analytically, there is only some little groups or individuals who do this. I am a movie buff and so can spend time talking about the cinema. But here in Arizona, no such thing. People don’t require or have an interest in this. In NYC it was different. This being the last state to join the Union, it is comprised of descendants of Pioneers. Rough and uncomplicated folk. The girls mad a note of some titles in their journals; what does that tell me…..
    A hunger to seek out and investigate.
    I miss folk like that, curious and pursuing.

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      1. Yes, movies can teach you a telling depending on the reading material which inspired them. And yes, even the ones which are based on poor materials, can also teach. For you observe little quirks of the writer, producer and director. Observing being exercised is a magical trip. I would recommend “American Buffalo” by David Mamet. When done watching it, though it goes by quickly (lots of dialogue as context) when you sit there saturated with what thoughts were exchanged, the thought has to be realized; “This is nuts, but I have just been bamboozled, taught but one thing; how to fill a showpiece with just dialogue.” It is a subconscious teaching tool. The whole movie. What an experience, as if it was consciously planned to be such (a mere lesson).
        But yes I have learned a lot from films. “The Matrix” taught me that analogically we do, yes actually live in a fiction which, in our case, just like the “Matrix” is designed by the human Psyche to give us purpose, issues to fill our hands. Manipulated.
        But yes, values are exchanged and taught by films. And some times self destructive ones. Sadly.
        If one is impressionable in those respects.
        But what I really get sick of, though something we must expect…..
        Propaganda for sick and demoralizing subjects. Yes often some movies preach. I am not crazy about this because they intend to be brainwashing tool instead of having a spirit of creativity. Thank you. I could say more but no time.

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  5. Great going bhai👍Really well written like always, though I watch a lot of movies, hindi and english both but thats on purpose of entertainment, while some movies effortlessly teach us something but for some others we need to think about the moral.
    Actually, I love old hindi songs, but never thought about watching old movies ….though I watch english.

    This is really great, you know some novels are converted into movies, I❤love movies.You can actually learn a LOT. I seriously don’t watch any saas bahu serials but news and movies are the whole source of entertainment👍
    And about you being busy, it’s totally cool bro, see weekends pe we’ll talk na though, for me atleast April seems to be busiest time of the year.Oho fir se such a LONGG comment😵😅Ahaha I seriously talk a lot or write a lot?
    This is awesome and so are you, so take care and miss u😇, have a great happy sunday, actually weekends are my favourites I enjoy loads so you too enjoy😇Bless you& love u❤😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I smiled. I laughed. I giggled. OMG! Shivee, how can you be so interesting with your talks all the time. 😍😍😍😘

      And about movies? I really need to take your help to watch more good movies. 😘😘😅😍😊

      I love you even more my little girl. 😘😘


      1. Haha,😳😳😳This so awesome, happy day seeing your comment always, you know what can I say the same thing for your comments, love you more bhai❤😍😘😘😘😘😘😘Tc❤❤❤❤❤😍Happy day to you.❤

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      2. That’s great after all of this you can talk and answer the never ending comments ki list😂😂😂👍April is a busy month yaa, I m really tired, actually this was 1st week of semester. Though I m happy. weekend aa gaya, I just wait for saturdays. Weekends are fun😁😁😁Maja maro😉😂😁👍,😍

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    1. Umm.. not really a film Fest Saheen. It was more of watching a movie and talking about the facts and learnings behind the scenes. It gives a lot of perspective to us. Both, as a writer and as a person too.

      And the best part was- we all watched it with strangers (as it was a first day)

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  6. Wow! It seems you guys had an amazing day full of learning and entertainment! Cinema according to my point is a good source of entertainment unless it is a worth watch movie! As I always say each book has something for its reader, each movie has something for it’s viewers! Those who liked it and imagined themselves as the character can understand it! But not all implement in their lives! So are you going to be a movie buff now?

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