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36 thoughts on “Distance!”

  1. प्यार भी करते हो शब्द खोजते हो,
    अभिव्यक्ति का ये कैसा फलसफा है।
    मैं मौन रहता हूं वो सब समझ लेता है,
    वो उदास हो कुदरती लगता है कुछ खफा खफा है।
    फलसफा philosophy
    Expression अभिव्यक्ति

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  2. Distance doesn’t matter if Love is so true and strong but sometimes words lack to convey emotions as sadness of missing the person can’t be said in any form of communication or media. ❤ this too

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    1. But one can always contact the other person nah, don’t you think so?

      Take an example, if a guy is busy doing things which he likes, his girl waits for him to talk, unfortunately he can’t talk much due to the work load and the tiresome situations, so all he can do is at least talk to the girl for sometime and let her know that she’s important.

      That’s where the communication lies. 🙂

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      1. Yes, it is right. I got the point. But sometimes it lacks much to convey some emotions. The girl might need him but since he is busy she won’t say anything and she can hurt herself. She hides some emotions which may hurt him. I think this can be solved only if both meet, distance hurts sometimes 🙂

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