5 Ways Your Ex-GF/BF Tries To Come Back In Your Life

When the first time I heard this emotional song from the movie Half-girlfriend Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (I’ll still love you, anyway!) as usual, crooned by Arijit Singh, and we believe it or not each one of us can completely relate to his painful voice, no matter whatever song he sings. So this song from the movie has the same thing, people who are heartbroken are definitely relating it in their lives by remembering the good memories with their ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend.

If you have not heard the song you can hear it here-

I tried to remember my ex-girlfriend too but unfortunately, I am so bad with my memory that I hardly could remember anything. Haha! Anyway, I failed but then I thought of people who are definitely missing them. And from here I got this inspiration to talk about how your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend might try to come back in your life again.


As we all know how technologies have been updated day by day. We don’t need to meet someone personally, what we usually do is send them a text to let them know that we are missing them. We can text them through Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Texting is a potential tool if it’s used properly. Moreover, even if the other person ignores it nobody is going to find out the secret, isn’t it?


So now let’s talk about the ways how you can send or get such messages from your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend to build your relationship again. Now the chances are there that your ex get caught because you are already familiar with his/her approach to texting you. So here are 4 types of messages that you might get from your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend-

Buttering Messages-

Okay, so this exactly the same as it sounds to butter up someone with the compliments. You might get a random compliment from your ex who will mainly appreciate the current scenario, maybe on your DP or stories. This is the trick he/she can apply to initiate the conversation.

wp-1492683035626.For instance-

“Hey, congratulation for the XYZ achievement. I am so happy for you.” Or

Wow, what a DP, it reminds me of the day I saw you the first time. You look so beautiful as usual.

You see, from this, you might say thank you with a smile and all of a sudden the conversation flows smoothly.

”When We Were Together” kinda Messages-

These kinds of messages you might get straight away. The person on the other side is too emotional after listening to Arijit’s song. So possibilities are there that he/she may start talking about the things you both used to do. It simply makes feel that you and your little things are still being missed by him/her.

wp-1492683035674.For instance-

I really miss how you used to eat your favorite ice cream and all I could do was gazing at you all the time.” Or

How we used to wrap our hands around each other and hug for hours. I really miss those days.”

These messages will make you remember all those memories and in return you might share your secrets too.

Gratitude Messages-

In most of the relationship, the utmost important thing which is being missed are appreciation. Yes. Most of us are bad at appreciating the little things which our partner does in a relationship. So here are the possibilities that you might get appreciation messages from your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend about you.

wp-1492683035641.For instance-

“One thing I have always loved about you is how you are always there for people who need you. In today’s time, it’s hard to find a person like you. I really appreciate that.” Or

“I really missed how you always ask me if I have taken my lunch/dinner or not. Not everyone is concern about your health. But you always did.”

So it will generate a soft corner in your heart after that text, and you might want to talk to him/her again for a while.

“How I Still Feel About You” Kinda Messages-

These kinds of messages are really risky to get or to send because here you can get the exact feeling of your ex which you might not like and simply avoid it. It subtracts the foreplay part, but there are chances that you too want the same from him/her.

wp-1492683035713.For instance-

“Even after so many days/months I can’t forget you. I tried a different relationship but you are my true love. You are the most important person for me.” Or

“It’s funny but it is hard to find a person like you. Nobody can love me the way you loved me. Please co meback in my life. Let’s be together again.

Birthday Messages

These kinds of texts are rare because your birthday would only come once a year, still this is a powerful tool one can use. All of us, at some, point of time expect our ex’s wishes, and when he/she texts we become super excited.wp-1492684558788.

Now you are aware of the tricks your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend might apply on you to get back in his/her life. 😉


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54 thoughts on “5 Ways Your Ex-GF/BF Tries To Come Back In Your Life”

    1. That’s a great approach Sangbad. as writers that’s the best thing which we can do to someone we love.

      So that after a while when they read it, they can feel the pain, agony, and the love altogether. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Lovely…😍
    You wrote it by your experince of your love life 😜I think you also fall in love with someone…
    And one thing I want to say there is nothing beyond LOVE….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha.. yes yes.. somehow it’s the experience which made me write this. 😂😋

      But agree with you to be in a relationship or not that’s not the important, what is essential is the love. ❤☺


  2. Mr.official you always give your best in your each and every post…n i fall in love with your posts❤ nd you might wrote all this by your xperience or it is already in trend nowadays …
    But if you are strong enough to move ahead you will never get back into the same relationship… this will be the biggest mistake if you ll redevelop your past relation again…!!!

    And if mai line maru to chlega kya🙈🙈🙈

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Sumit Yadav,

    You wrote mind blowing post sir 🙂
    Every ways you explained are really fantastic and can surely help someone to get his/her ex gf/bf 😛

    Thanks for writing this awesome article. You are really a great writer i has ever read. 🙂 ♥

    The second thing is you mentioned my favourite Arijit Singh here and that boosted my reading 2x. 😛 Loved that song a lot. All the very best.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The worst is when an Ex tells you that he still Loves you (number 1 trick in the book), it is wrong on so many levels and messes with your present love/life… just makes me so Mad!
    xx Storyteller

    Liked by 1 person

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