Book Review: Maya’s New Husband

Okay, so before even getting started with the review part, let me tell you one thing very honestly here. I was really very scared about reading or watching things which include horror or any supernatural activities. That is because I have never read any.


Neil is the one who’s in the black T-shirt, beside me. 🙂


But thanks to Kavita Singh for gifting me his book when the author was in the city as a speaker for The Immersive Project: Bookmark’D with Authors and I personally got a chance to meet him. When Neil and I were sitting in a cafe I asked him and his answer really made me flabbergasted. He was so honest when I asked him, “Should I go with your book or not? As it contains horror and I guess, I am a sensitive person to take that..” He clearly said NO. Don’t read then, because it does have a lot of scenes whereby you might get shattered. And I was impressed with that honest answer and I decided by challenging myself that now I will definitely read it.

So I firstly gifted the same book to Shreya Sharma (The Unconditional Love Series Maker) because she is a big fan of Thriller and Horror. And once we started reading it, we used to talk on calls for hours to just discuss the scenes by appreciating the author, I mean, how can someone write so beautifully. And we are writing the reviews together only. You will find a link of her review for the same book. 🙂

I remember this one scene where the protagonist wanted to jerk off over something and the way Neil has written it which actually made me read twice. And that hardly happens with very few authors. And Neil is definitely one of them which makes him one of my favorite Indian Horror Authors. 🙂

Now let’s start with the review, but I’ll not be describing the story much because I really want you to describe by your own, it has a lot of twists and turns.


Book Name: Maya’s New Husband

Author Name: Neil D’Silva

Published by: BruteGorilla

Genres: Indian Horror Thriller

Publication Date: January 3, 2015

Pages: 220

Format: Both(Hardcopy & E-book as well)

The story starts with Maya who is a young widow whose husband had died puzzling circumstances which nobody knows about. She’s a biology teacher and lives with her mother and sister after the death of his husband. Then Maya meets this an art teacher in the school itself, Bhaskar. Initially, she was disgusted to talk with him, but with time she starts coming closer to him. And she starts seeing good qualities in him.



Over a period of time, Maya grew closer with Bhaskar. She managed to be out with him most of the time by alienating her colleague and family members. And then one day she decided to go against her family’s wishes and she marries him and the journey towards mysterious destination starts now. The twist comes when she sees where Bhaskar lives and what he eats. And the moment she sees him having sex like a monster changes her perception towards him completely. She is in a complete dilemma now. On her way, she finds a lot of secrets and tries to solve them step by step. But then the question arises what will she do when she finds the defaulter of all her problem is non-other than her own husband? Maya’s New Husband.

SumitOfficial’s Rating – 5/5 Stars

(Reason, why Maya’s New Husband deserves 5 Stars, are below.)


The cover page is so enticing that a lot of time while reading the book all I did was stopped and look at the cover. It has so many factors including the lady whose mang is filled with dark red blood, those cross bristles etc.



As I described in above how perfectly Maya encounters with her new husband, not as a person new but the behavior she sees in him which makes Maya’s New Husband.


The most beautiful thing I loved about MNH is how wonderfully Neil has revealed all the characters with their particular roles. I did not even feel like missing any of the characters at the end of the novel. So I must say be it a horror author or any other genre’s author. The plotting has to be portrayed the way Neil did. It makes the reader excited all the time.


The theme of this book is really nice as it contains data which has been collected by Neil from various sources. To write a book on Gore is such a challenging thing to do because this is not something you see in your day-to-day life, which makes it hard to imagine and create your thoughts and most importantly to pen them down in an incredible way.


This is the best part of the book. I mean, look at the male protagonist’s name- “Bhaskar Sadachari” whose intentions and way of living is completely opposite of his name. “Maya” who is a simple girl in her thirties who throws herself in a trap which means maya. It is really hard to show and portray the evilness in the character. At a certain point in time, I was so fascinated by the character of Bhaskar. How sharp and clever he was in whatever he did.


Neil has used a third person which narrates the book. The language and vocabulary of the book are not complicated but it does have a lot of beautiful unheard words. There are a lot of Hindi words as well, but a person who doesn’t know Hindi can find the meaning of words in the glossary. And being a bit Grammar Nazi I could not find any grammatical or typos in the book.


I strongly recommend everyone to read this book not because the author is my friend, but I surely believe everyone should read a book which has a lot of things to open our mind to think. And his book was already on Amazon top selling book for 18+ months. 🙂

You can get your book from Here.

Now I am going to read his another book based on Indian Horror only named Pishacha which is available on sale for Rs 25 for today. If you want you can buy it from Here.

One more good news for all of us, SumitOfficial could get a chance to Interview Neil D’Silva for SumitOfficial’s Blog. I am sure many of us would want to learn and improve the art of writing with his tips.

Please let me know how do you like it? And get ready for the Exclusive Interview with Indian Horror Author. 🙂

PS: You can read Shreya’s review here with each and every sharp details- Maya’s New Husband by Neil D’Silva- Book Review

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59 thoughts on “Book Review: Maya’s New Husband”

  1. Now I really want to get this book. Problem is, getting things shipped here is a horror adventure in and of itself, things may or may not arrive, and if they do, they may or may not be complete, some or all parts may be missing.

    Personally, I’m not really into horror, but I love it when it’s psychological, not gory. I’m not squeamish about gore, just prefer the psychological aspect. The Historian is a good one. Potential spoiler alert, so stop reading now. 😃 I’m not into vampires either, but this book had me so scared I couldn’t even cross the parking lot at the dorm to buy food.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha… I can completely understand what you’re saying. And believe me, that was the same mindset I was having before reading this book.

      But you know what, once I start reading it just made me so curious about things that I forgot there is something called horror or gore in it. I was more enticed in the story itself that made me read it faster.

      And as I mentioned his way of expressing words is mindblowing. You will read a single line twice just to understand the thought process behind that. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 😍😍 Sure will give it a try soon. All my friends are fed up of romance and I think this will match their genre. Willing to read the interview tooo… @Shreyasharma I read your review too, I am excited to read it pretty soon than other books😃

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Sumit! I just checked in here and was blown by the many comments my book’s review has received. First of all, thank you for covering the book so well. Like a true critic, you have encapsulated the best portions of the book that people need to know, without releasing any spoilers.

    Also, I remember fondly the conversation I had with you where I forbade you from reading MNH. Glad you picked it though, and gladder that you reviewed it, and even gladder that you are now converting more people into reading horror. Horror does need more readers, and only a horror-convert like you can truly do justice to this kind of proselytizing 🙂

    A special shoutout to your co-reader Shreya Sharma as well. Your efforts are laudable.

    I hope the people who have commented above will pick up a copy of MNH too (it’s available worldwide on Amazon) and drop in their comments. Do feel free to ping me on my FB page ( or on Twitter @neildsilva.

    Looking forward to hearing from all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely, Neil. You deserve a lot of love from all of us for all your efforts. Your writing style is so captivating, and would read your second book very soon. I’ve already bought it, I hope to read and share my views again. Thanks so much for commenting, Neil. 😊😊


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