Her Traits! 

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112 thoughts on “Her Traits! ”

  1. Traits will speak even more or less
    That depends : are you interesting or seriously interesting

    फल पक चूका है गिरने को है,
    कौन उठाएगा इस जवानी को.

    श्रृंगार आज सादगी से कह रहा है
    क्या नाम दूँ इस कहानी को ।

    जब मैंने श्रृंगार से पूछा सादगी क्या है,
    भोर जब अंगड़ाई ले तो देख ज़रा दीवानी को.

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  2. Oh Sumit. I could write a novel on your traits. This is so beautiful. I have to say this is the best piece you have ever written. Adding this one to my favorites. Actually this is my favorite piece. I have to share this. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece!

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