Raindrops (Newspaper Featured)

Have you ever wondered why do we get attracted more towards nature? Rains. It is the sound of rain which rejuvenates us completely. When it rains, I see the trees drenched in happiness, waving its branches, dribbling droplets of water, as though they are happily dancing. You want to feel the raindrops touching your skin.  The moment you open your arms, the rain hugs you tightly. It kisses your eyes and makes you believe that there’s a hope, you are not alone. Rains are your companion which helps to calm you down and allows you to vent out all your sorrows and grievances. And while it’s raining, when Sun reaches his rays there, the place seems to be joyous with Rainbow.

The smell of the earth after the first shower, which is also known as Petrichor, as the dried soil just absorb all in, is quite magical. The excitement arouses itself when it’s raining. The damp roads, the lightening sky, the sound of thundering, along with crunchy snacks make our tired day the most memorable one. The world seems to be a better place all of a sudden, and the raindrop makes you refreshing and energetic for the entire year.

Nature is great.

It makes us feel good, it makes us feel alive.

It rains and everyone sighs.

Hi, wonderful readers! How have you been? I hope you are doing perfectly fine. 🙂 😀

So we all know that this is the season of love, rains, and corn, isn’t it? So the same thing happened a few days back where I have been inclined towards photography. Yes. As I have posted one of the pictures I have clicked a few days back and I keep on practicing on that. As they say, Practice makes a man perfect.

Yesterday I got a chance to write on Rains for a well-known newspaper Absolute India, Bhopal.

Along with my write-up, they posted the same picture which I clicked the picture of Raindrops from my phone from my office. Let me share that picture with you first-


Picture ©SumitOfficial


And here goes with all of your love, support, and blessings the stuff which featured in Newspaper-


Special thanks to the person who made it possible. 😉

Thanks so much for all the love and support, God bless us all. 🙂

Copyright© 2015-2017 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.




91 thoughts on “Raindrops (Newspaper Featured)”

  1. And there is a thing about rain.. Whenever I read about it, I want to write about it. It was just a day before when I was drenching it rain, all my pains, stresses and false thoughts washed away. Rain is just amazing. It arrives, makes you happy, and leaves with so many hopes.
    Congratulations. This was the best thing I read today. Thank you. ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Submit Congrats for your published blog. It is a lovely post and yes Rain has that effect on most of us. I am shocked when someone around me mentions that they don’t like rainy season, yes I have meet some of those type too.
    Nature is at its best at country side when it rains but cities, oh wow they just glitter and doll up in rain.
    I still remember in my college days, I use to just wander all around my city when it rained. It was surreal experience for sure.
    Nice photo by the way 👍👍😊

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    1. Thanks Vishal, and yes even I know a lot of people who hardly like rains, I don’t know why does that happen but there are some people for sure.

      I’m glad that you shared your story with us, Vishal. Thanks so much for reading and your appreciation. 😊😊

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      1. I recently became an English teacher. I was going to work in Thailand but am back home doing online teaching with Chinese children. Its pretty chill and rewarding 🙂

        What about you, you’re still in school right?

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  3. Beautifully written. I love rain and the aroma of wet soil after first shower of Rain.I will be glad if you read my poem” In The Dream “as its on Rain,like to hear your feedback☺

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  4. well done sumit!! 🙂 …I think a person should not limit with a few things..One should always try new things.. Nice photography I must say…. And not to mention this is one of my best topic which you have written….Lovely!!

    Liked by 1 person

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