A lot of people would come into your lives, and to be honest hardly will leave a trace of their existence, their personality, their little habits on you, but at the same time you will meet one in a thousand people who will not only leave a string of footsteps engraved upon your heart, but you will always find them on every step of your life. They will keep letting you know by supporting and being with you on the race life that they are with you no matter what. Always. 

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46 thoughts on “Traces”

      1. You are welcome Sumit. I’m just curious. Is Sumit your name? If it is it’s very beautiful. I always thought so. To answer your question. I have several people that I can completely rely on in my life. His name is Tyler. I can always count on him to help me and be there and accept me for who I am. He’s very sweet.

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      2. Yes, Kaw, my name is Sumit. 🙂
        And I am so happy to know that you have a great person in your life who understands you and accepts you as you are! After all, that is all we want, right? 🙂

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  1. Your views make me think more about the issue you are trying to highlight.
    I can rely on my bestiee Aparna, she can do anything for my happiness and I can do anything for her happiness. Our thoughts differ but I won’t leave her.

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    1. Wow! I loved the last line “Our thoughts differ but I won’t leave her.”
      It shows you are ready to accept the fact that two persons can have their individual views, but what is important is to accept the fact that they do.

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