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54 thoughts on “बे-पनाह”

  1. Bepanha aasuo ki baarish hogi aj…
    Bepanha dil ka dard ubhar kar aega…
    Bepanha us jalte rishte ki aad me roya jaega…
    Bepanha dil k tukdo ko sanjhoya jaega…
    Bepanha aj fir mehfil me piya jaega…
    Bepanha mohabbat ki saza aj milegi…
    Bepanha us jurm me fir roya jaega😢

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      1. Thanks Sumit I will. Any suggestions where to look for resources? What is the name of the language? I know India has a lot of languages and they are all different. Oh! That’s beautiful. I love it.

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  2. बेपनाह इंतज़ार ख़त्म आज
    बेपनाह उम्मीद ख़त्म आज
    बेपनाह मायूसी ख़त्म आज
    ज़िंदगी से बगावत के जुर्म में।

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