कहानी एक कवि की।

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42 thoughts on “कहानी एक कवि की।”

  1. Ahaan. You expressed this so perfectly, Sir. People do not understand the emotions hidden behind our words, they just look at it as a ‘work of art’.

    But, even when we have unbearable pain in our hearts, we can still make people smile with our words, yayy! We are so talented huh. 💙😆

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    1. Oh yes, I did read that. 😅😄
      I am completely agree with your poetry, and that’s true they find it poetically created pain in an artistic way. And they appreciate it. After all, they can’t do anything nah. 😂😃

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  2. वाह वाही इसलिये क्योंकि कुछ इसे सिर्फ कविता समझते है और कुछ दर्दे दिल …..

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      1. 😃 but yours one is frank I was still using less words . Like your contain many hindi typical words 😂 but it’s a frank and awesome message .

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