I’ll Paint My Words for You 

I want to go somewhere with you,

Where there would be no hindrance

Maybe on top of the world

Holding your hands in mine

The look in your eyes

While putting a gentle kiss

On your finespun lips

Where we can go catching

Stars and the moon

Where the world would drown in Hue

And again I’ll paint my words for You.


Copyright© 2015-2017 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.


171 thoughts on “I’ll Paint My Words for You ”

      1. Yaa sometimes I think it would be better if we could live in a world hvng no restrictions no rules..Where ppl won’t confuse love with lust or infatuation..Where one can feel the magic n purity of love..Love dat last till eternity..Smtms i ponder…
        But never thought to give my imgntn such a beautiful form as your poem..it’s awesome..👌

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  1. OMG! I sooo love these lines. Your words painted a vibrant image in my mind. It’s like, a second back I was so irritated, 😹 and then I read this poem, and everything became so colourful and sweet again. It’s rightly said, reading something good can change our outlook on life. ☺

    And, such supercute imaginations, and the way you related it to nature, the Stars, Moon, top of the world, that was the best part! 💙

    What a positive and lovely vibe this poem has. Every girl wants a partner like that. Great work, Sir. 🙆

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    1. OMG! You just gave me goosebumps with your words, Bhavika. ❤

      Indeed, it takes a lot to think and paint(pen) the thoughts on the Canvas(paper) to make the words understand it, and the entire process can be completed when it reaches to the audience. And you just made me feel like that. 🙂


      1. Yes! I think there is someone… come on Summit you can tell us 😄 if there really isn’t then do tell what would create a proposal from you? I’m very surprised you haven’t already got a ring on your hand to be honest as you seem such a nice guy and can win over a lady with your words too. Or do you choose/prefer single? Nothing wrong with that either but I’d think you’d be quite the hit with the ladies nearby!

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      2. Hahaha! Elizabeth you are witty.
        Ok, so first of all I would not like to have a ring on my finger as I just turned 22 😉
        And yes yes, there are many inspirations I seek from my surrounding, who inspires me to write more and more, you know… 🙂

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      3. Yes, we don’t have arranged marriages here. I was young and in love, but sadly we had issues that I wasn’t ok to raise a baby with, but we’re still friends and had our perfect daughter together😊. I later married hubby#2, had my son by age 24, divorced by 28, we didn’t talk for long talk or see each other for like 15 years at all, had some issues with my son and been back living together for 2 years now. Weird right?!?

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