5 Reasons Why Padmaavat is Gonna be A Blockbuster

As we all have been waiting for Bhansali’s movie Padmavati (Now Padmaavat) for couple of months now. Since it’s already been delayed by 45 days now, finally the movie is going to release on January 25. Though, it’s still not completely accepted by the fringe groups taking an objection over the film as they claimed the movie is playing with their culture.

Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, and Shahid Kapoor starrer movie became worst when the government itself looked into the matter and made a lot of amendments and cuts into the film that finally it’s gonna hit the theatres.

Anyways, even after a lot of controversial moments happened over a film, I’m sure it’s going to make the impact on Box office for its gross collection. And here’s how:

Too much talks about Padmavati

As they say it takes a lot of time for a nice person to make an image of himself, but it takes a single action for a hoodlum to become famous. Same ways, the movie is already on everyone’s lips so even those people are going to watch it who usually ignores watching movies. People have become curious to actually see what the movie is all about and this is how it’s gonna earn in unlimited numbers.

No Competition

No matter how wonderful a movie is portrayed if there are other movies in the competition then it’s certainly going to affect the collection. It happened when Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale were in clash a year ago. But the best part about Padmaavat is, it has no Competition in the market currently. Padman was about to release on the same date, but the director played safely and postponed the dates for Padman. So there’s another benefit of capitalising the undivided market share.

Performance of Ranveer Singh as a Villain

Ranveer Singh is one of the versatile actors we have in Bollywood for a long time now. He’s done role from rugs to riches but never have we seen in an ultimate Villainy Avatar. His stellar performance is surely going to win many hearts. As reviews states, it’s Ranveer Singh’s best performance till date. And this is one of the reasons why people would go to see his brilliant acting skills and energy in theaters.

The Darkest character played by Ranveer Singh shows how dedicated he is towards his work which attracts viewers to spend their money on.

Big Budget Film is Here

As Bhansali is known for his dedication towards his excellency in producing, making, and creating music for his films. He spends hell lot of money to make a single film and such movies have always been proven themselves to become a big hit.

Tiger Zinda Hain was one of the big-budget films which went successful. Now with Padmaavat’s release the audiences have been predicted value for money with lineament entertainment.

Holiday Weekend January 26-27-28

It’s been a long time that holidays come on a weekend. With January 26-27-28 holidays the film is going to maximize it’s box office take. Also, not to forget that Padmaavat is a solo release so people have no choices to go for any other movies. Haha!

And this is how it’s a sure shot blockbuster in the theatres. So are you in for the only film which is going to be on theatres from tomorrow?

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10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Padmaavat is Gonna be A Blockbuster”

    1. That’s absolutely right, Abhishek. But as they say, the best revenge is the greatest success. We hope that it gets all the appreciation that it deserves. ☺

      And thanks for your lovely view on the post, Abhishek.


  1. Wow..!! Ranveerr is my favourite. No doubt ‘padmaavat’ is gonna be blockbuster.
    I wanted to catch first day first show but my parents not even allowed me to step outside just they had fear about the people who may ruin.
    But I m gonna watch it!! I waited for it since November then it’s coming now as ‘padmaavat’😉


  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing Ranveer Singh’s portrayal as Alauddin Khilji in this movie. He looks completely menacing as he’s totally immersed himself into the role. He’s certainly one of the finest actors from this generation ! 😍


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