100 Days of A Secret Journal

Can writing be an addiction to you? Just like you breath, eat, drink, and the same way you write. Is it as essential as life? Well, to many it’s not. Their would be many great writers over there in the world who are earning absolutely well with their work but are they actually giving in their whole intentions for it? Chances are they or they might not.

But for me, on the other hand, it was never JUST writing or just for the SAKE of writing I write. There are times when I have written loooooooog paragraphs which takes minimum 20-25 minutes to read and ofentimes a short phrase, or a poetry of few words but the common thing in that was it was always coming from the heart with a pure intentions.

I’ve been writing for more than 3 years now it’s been a great journey where I’ve covered major topics to write but what really made me think at the initial of this year was, am I just writing it when I get the time or I really have that passion that can keep me going irrespective of any circumstances of being busy, exhausted, tired, overenthusiastic, or angry. Can I write in those time too with all my true heart? And the answer which came from within was a big YES.

Out of nowhere I was gifted a brand new fat dairy on January 1, 2018 and that’s how I decided to keep that passion on for an entire year and successfully I’ve completed the 100th Day of the challenge which I made to myself.

They say it takes 21 days to build or break a habit. This surely state that it’s been embedded like a habit now for something which is always going to be with you irrespective of any excuses.

There’s no excuse which works when you have that fire in you to have what you want. Everyone is busy in doing nothing so it’s better to cultivate a habit (it can be anything of your interest) and let it flow accordingly and you’ll see yourself somewhere where you’ll also get astonished. 🙂

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24 thoughts on “100 Days of A Secret Journal”

  1. Very true,, it really gives an imense feeling when u have true passion and interest for something and u put a lot of efforts to get happiness in doing that.. 😊😊😊


    1. Oh yes! I can completely understand that, it is really easy to do something for few days but to make it a habit takes a big thing. I’m glad I could able to make one.

      Also delighted to know your choice of having a bullet diary. 🙂

      Thanks for your views.

      Liked by 1 person

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