#Day200 with My Secret Journal: 10 Writing Tips

I am pretty sure that many of you know the fact or maybe you must have been hearing from people to always have a writing habit even when you are not a writer. Isn’t it? But how many of us can actually manifest this dream to pen down our thoughts on a daily basis? I guess, very less?

Well, I was also one of those people who had this fear of writing because of many reasons, still somehow I started writing my diary in the year 2014 and I continued writing my little diary(Which was a complete shit I used to write) until I come up with my blog on WordPress in the year 2015. I had made a blog but still I was not sure of what to write, after all, I don’t belong to those families whose ancestors like to read. I am the first generation in my entire family who had cultivated a habit of writing.

My official blessed pen I have been using since 2 years which is gifted by my bestfriend on my birthday. Would you believe I have never change this Parker pen’s refill. It always astonish me everytime how is it possible.. 

Anyway, I started off with my personal ideas and stories in April 2015 but there were no readers of my work at that time, still the motivating factor that I had in me was, I used to love my work a lot, so I was the only person who used to write and who used to read them up. Later on, people started recognizing my work and one day Sumit’s writing became famous with it pen name SumitOfficial. 😊

What is Everyday writing then? How did I start that? How am I managing things simultaneously with my job?

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Since a year I’ve moved to Mumbai for my job in the month of September 2017, I was completely distracted from writing, because I used to be a person who had this habit of posting a new blog every day, that means, I used to write day in day out. But coming to a new city with a responsible job where I had to prove myself, I had to leave my dream of writing and posting blogs. It all went for almost 3-4 months that I had completely stopped writing but a day came on January 1, 2018, when my uncle gifted me a thick beautiful diary that night which made me kiss it first and I picked up my pen and could not resist writing of it. It was my first day of New Year with a new beginning. #Day1

And it continued so beautifully that I started to write every night before I go to sleep no matter what time it is, I’d write first and then only I can sleep peacefully.


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Today, thankfully I completed #Day200 of my disciplinary writing habit which I am really proud on my own self. I feel like giving a treat to myself. :p


Now for me, writing has become a habit where I cover many topics in a day which I would like to share here with you:


  • Start writing about things which you know but before that you need to know what you know. :p
  • Write about everyday failures, successes, and fears that you want to (Or already) overcome. Reading it will help you to grow when you feel low.
  • Interrogate everything. One of the best ways is to ask questions about everything in your mind and start searching for the answers. Believe me you’ll never feel like you don’t have anything to write about.
  • It is ok to write shit at times. People have this bad conception of only writing GOOD stuff. But what exactly is good stuff? Nobody knows. So it’s better to write what comes in your mind and you may always improvise it if you want changes in them later.
  • Not getting inspired every day is completely fine. On those days you have to cheat and write about the good moments of your life. I’m sure everyone has them to cherish. This habit will also help you to be a good story writer.
  • Read a lot. Yes, this tip comes in writing. If you don’t read you will have to struggle a lot. Hence, it’s always suggested to be a great reader. As they say, “A good writer should always be a great reader first.”
  • Write grateful notes. I always do that. I am an expressive personality, but at times, I have so much to tell the other person which I can’t express in words so all I do is to write them a letter.
  • Keep the consistency on priority. If you don’t respect your writing, then who will?
  • Try writing on emotions: anger, memory, blessings, something you are grateful for, your dreams or anything which makes you happy when you read them in future.
  • And last but not the least, writing every day can make your diary a published book someday. Miracles happen every day.



Keep writing and keep growing. I am celebrating my #Day200 with you all here. Tell me what and how do you write and what makes you motivated towards writing?



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All Rights Reserved.

32 thoughts on “#Day200 with My Secret Journal: 10 Writing Tips”

  1. Writing is a place to escape from reality, I think it’s the best way to share ur emotions in either way, it improves mood, health, and reduce stress level. Initially , it is really hard to write but once u start, it will give a real pleasure, despite of all the failures, minimal notice. It’s like we should write first for self and then for others as slow process. Just loved ur post😁😁😉😉, and it all came in flow at once, Keep it up Sumit!!👍😊

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You are such an inspiration,
    Though since so many days i was not able to read and write coz of the same reasons, but you everytime inspired me in sort of any situation,
    You are such an amazing gem i found❤️keep writing and keep inspiring…
    Keep shining and spread happiness through your words❤️😘

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Yayyy! 200 Days of writing! That’s a big achievement, Sir. And about what inspires me, it’s always you. ❤ You are the one who constantly keeps on asking me to write and thankfully I have started writing, though not every single day. (Sorrry naa, the times that I don’t tell you ki Sir aaj humne ye likha, those days I am not writing anything at all. Like, this complete week! 😬) But, I always try to write. And yay, abi toh you have provided so many great suggestions for writing, this will be very helpful. Thankyou for always being the Mr Angel in my life. ☺❤
    Firefly 🐝

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re so kind to say that. You remind me of myself posting each blog everyday and you’d never forget to read them all. 🙂

      I promise, I’ll start that again as soon as I get settled in my current schedule.

      Thanks so much for your lovely words, Lavanya. You made my day. 💞☺

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Firstly, I really liked the idea of your blog because it’s evergreen, people always look for something new and you’ve got them all.

        The only suggestion I can give you on the basis of my 3 years experience in blogging is that never find the validation of your writing from people. Keep the consistency and don’t let the no of followers list affect you. And you’re good to go. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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