Happy Birthday to One of the Coolest Managers!

I come from a creative background where literature, arts, writing, working with RJs, writing for magazines and newspapers to appear on TV has been a part of my life before I joined this organization. I have been a part of my earlier life which has always satisfied my soul, but it could never fulfil my bread and butter. So, I had to come to a place where I get paid for what I do, and last year almost about the same time I had appeared for one of the companies in Mumbai named Jaro Education.

A recent picture for winning the JPL Contest and won Rs 1 Lakh 

Thankfully, with a lot of interview rounds I got selected for the sales profile where travelling and work pressure would be a hectic routine for me, I had told myself. And somehow, I had prepared myself that I would leave all my creative aspect and would dedicate my entire time in the work as I was motivated enough to build my career and wanted to be stable from all the ways by my own.

I landed in this branch which is not a branch, to be honest, it was CHEMBUR FAMILY. Now when I post anything regarding my work or the activities which go in the office on social media, people literally like me, how do I cope up these fun activities at work all the time? And many such questions, most of them are so obsessed with it that they are ready to leave their jobs to join where I work. I am sure the question that comes into their mind is, are there such companies that really make you do what you want? Do they actually give you that freedom, that liberty to work as per your working style?

Chembur Family in One Frame 🙂

Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO. The company won’t entertain a single shit that you want to give in the organization, it is someone else who lets you do that. So who’s that person? It is none other than your MANAGER who allows you to do your work as per your choice, it’s her who has faith in you that you will do all the needful, it is her who thinks of you not as an employee but as a pillar, not just for her to grow but also lets you grow all the ladders in life. You must be thinking what I am talking about, is this even for real?

Happy Birthday, Manpreet MADAM!

Well, for me it is, I am blessed enough to have such an amazing personality as my Manager whose name is Manpreet Maini.

It is her birthday today and I wouldn’t have got any good chance than this to express my gratitude towards her. So even before I start writing much about her I would like to say she is a live example of a woman who exhibits the trait of strong lady that foster excellence, and camaraderie.


Role Model

It is so inspiring that you had started working at the age of 21 and today you have completed more than 7 years in the organization that too in Sales department, it must not be an easy task for you to come here all the way from where you have started but believe me, you give a lot of eyes a dream to become like you. We have been hearing about hard work, luck, short-cuts in one’s career but you have always shown the way how one can only learn when he falls and stand again. That is how one grows.

Working Style

As many people have several styles of work, but I have never seen such a humble person like you who is so calm not from the outer side, but also from the inner-self. It is visible how big your targets are, where we can’t even handle the pressure of our individual targets, you have the responsibility to make sure everyone complete their targets. That is a true quality of a leader that you surely are, who makes their employee feel appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded. There are no branches that make such efforts for their executives but you never forget to care about us, Ma’am.

Signs of fear, to feel inferior, domination, and intimidation are few factors which are there in every organization in some of the other ways, but in your presence you have always made sure to invite creativity, productivity and out of box thinking in us which has always made you win the BEST MANAGER award recently.

Honest Communication with Excellence

I don’t actually remember when but at some point in time, I got so much influenced by you because of the open and honest communication in terms of all the work. You have your own way of dealing with people in the cards-on-the-table manner, where you respond in the best way. Hahah! And I have noticed a lot of times how few people try to fool you but they aren’t aware who the real fool is, that is the best part of you when you leave them thinking they fooled you but you always knew what they hide. Your experience speaks a lot, Manpreet Madam.

Empowerment & Cooperation

When I was in an earlier organization, I know how selfish they were when all they want was their greed and how they use their team members in all the possible ways which is not appreciated because that is not how you motivate them to do good, but you should motivate them in such a way where you make them realize the Can-do attitude to those who get depressed when they see a bit disappointment, or more importantly Go-the-extra-mile attitude that you always suggest to those who achieve their targets. That is one of the things which I have been observing about you.

Little Challenges and Big Contest

I know how you’d just tell me, “Sumit, you have to win this contest. You only require X more to go” and how I would say, “Yes, Madaaaaaaaam, I will do it and show you!!!!!” Many times, I have asked you to come with me when there was a couple contest, and you’d be so clever that you made me win all of them and then you’d not come with only! Hahaha! But the best part was, I always had a will to stand on your words, because you always do that for people, whom you love, get inspired, and have respect for.


How can I make you forget that moment when you wanted to achieve 100 calls till 07:00 pm when I was only on 35+ calls at 05:30 pm and I still remember how I called you exactly at 06:58 pm when I was at 102 calls with 2+ hours of calling. You can imagine the kind of dedication I had just for that one Dairy Milk which I was supposed to get if I could complete the challenge, and I had done it, ma’am, even before time. 😛


Filmfare & Ignitor Award


I remember how hard I was working for the Filmfare Contest worth Rs 30,000 and just because of the silly mistake of someone or maybe because of me, I lost it. I could not win that even after winning it. I could not see my favourite Superstar Ranveer Singh getting an award, but that day I could understand one thing, hard work always pay off, and secondly, I received An Ignitor of the Week for doing the maximum target in the week, I felt so good to have that reward which was worth more than any Filmfare Award.


And there are hundreds of more things I can write about you, but I’d like to conclude this with a sentence that I have seen many people in my career till now, and I have never come across a person like you who is not only doing wonders in the professional life, but also being good at different aspect of life including your newly personal life. You be the way you are, Manpreet Ma’am. I know even if I don’t belong to this organization tomorrow, after month, or years, we are surely going to be in touch and you’d always impact my life in all the possible ways with your guidance and mentorship. I really wish you to be always happy and cheerful.

Many many happy returns of the day, Manpreet Madaaaaaam. 🙂 



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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to One of the Coolest Managers!”

      1. It was totally my pleasure, Sumit.. And wow, so it looks like I have almost personally wished her on her special day. That’s sweet of u Sumi. Manpreet Mam, it was indeed a pleasure to meet u thru Sumit. Keep shining, keep smiling and keep inspiring others like you always do. Have a blast on this special day of urs. May God bless u dear Manpreet ji☺ And ha thanks Sumi for mediating between us. Happy blogging Sumi.

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