In the Middle of Chaos…

And in the middle of all the chaos,
I forgot to speak with you,
I forgot to wish you,
I forgot to greet you when you were
standing there holding my favourite
novel in your hands to gift me.

We have not spoken for ages now
when you left I knew there would
be no tomorrow with you.
That you will be gone forever.
There would be no contact at all.
And here comes the night
when my heart still seeks
for the truth, for you.

Maybe in the next lifetime,
I’d catch a glimpse of your pretty smile,
when love is in the air with your touch
and your soul intimates with mine.
The days have dragged out drastically,
It’s been a long but it still feels
like forever since I knew if you
were here tonight.
Beside my body.
Around my soul.


Copyright © 2015-2018 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.


24 thoughts on “In the Middle of Chaos…”

  1. A nice poetry with a deep feeling of longing to meet and compensate for moments slipped by!Most of the times we do take things for granted and fail to communicate.A well worded thought, Sumit.


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