Untrue Love?

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18 thoughts on “Untrue Love?”

  1. If it wasn’t true how could it be love and if one is trying to act as faking the love then it wouldn’t be difficult to forget either …..I want to know your answer as well Sumit☺


  2. It totally depends on person to person, some let go of things easily, some get bound and it takes time to get rid off,if u love someone truely, not necessarily the same u can expect from him/her, for some love is peace, respect, a beautiful feeling,for some it’s just piece of shit, if u behold on something that is never going to be urs or it was never meant for u, everytime a question pooping on your mind that is WHY, if u get that reason for that why, you will easily untrue that love


  3. Whether its true love or not but as per human nature we always develop some special feelings for that person and that’s why i think its always difficult to forget about it☺️🤗

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    1. Yes, I completely agree with you Jazzy. But don’t you think many a times we, as humans, fall in for someone who will take for granted in sometime and when the love fades away, you’ll see the love going back to where it was and all you do is nothing but a formality to pretend that it’s love. But is it?

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      1. Yea its definitely not..but sometimes i couldn’t understand what is true love..is it similar like those romantic or fairy tale stories..i don’t think that in reality we can find this type of love or find someone who always make us feel special🤷‍♀️

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