Love Bites (Only 18+)

An undeniable feeling,
That turns uncontrollable,
That animalistic attraction,
Is everything but untamed.
Those desires that plunge into the
Physicality of your curves,
The touch of my beard on your buds
Which makes you go insane for hours,
The distance between us make my
Heartbeats destabilise a bit tonight,
Aloofness to myself is what
reminds me of our last night’s bed fight,
Grabbing each other in the arms
and giving out a love bite,
Holding your face, I realised that your mouth bleeds
glitter when I put my thumb inside it right,
Your aphrodisiacal lips has got
all the control on me tonight,
Closed eyes and, moaning mouth,
the way elixir sweat drops down
on your beauty bone,
On my way, the deep seated sin is
coming on to make me stoned,
It’s dark, bruised, and crimson red around my neck,
Honey, your self-indulgence in me is
everything which made you let all the limits break.


Copyright © 2015-2018 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

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