Book Review: The Alchemist (4.5/5 Stars)

To be honest, I was really not sure of completing The Alchemist this soon. To be really precised, I’ve completed half of the book today only. I’ve bought this book perhaps in the month of March, 2018 while passing by the road to meet my client, I encountered with a small stall where a person was selling books and that really attracted me to buy this amazing book.

After that I kept the book for a long time without reading it, though I started reading it 15 days back and reading after the office hours, during the free time of the day and somehow could reach half of it.

When I picked this one out of so many..

But what made me complete the book in a single day? Well, I’ve been to Goa again 2 days back and I bought an amazing book ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak.

I promised myself to complete the current one, then only I’ll move to the next one. As I was craving to start The Book Theif I completed and I’m so glad about it. Because usually I keep a single book for many months.

I had my flight in next 15 minutes, but I was busy buying this Beauty in Goa Airport at 5 am. That’s the thing about writers and readers that they do what they want at any cost.

So yeah! Let’s talk about the book as I’ve finally finished it. The first edition of the book was published in late ’90s and that’s so amazing to see it’s still evergreen in today’s time. I guess, that’s what’s Classic books are for, they never go out of fashion.

Book Review:

Book name: The Alchemist
Author name: Paulo Coelho
Published by: Harper Collins
Genre: Fiction/Philosophy
Published year: 1993
Pages: 155


The protagonist Santiago is from a small village where he lives with his family but one day he told his father that he wants to travel the world and became a shepherd. His parents didn’t want him to become that but still he went on his journey to follow his passion, his dream of traveling the world.

He’s now meeting new people in the journey and one day he gets a dream about a treasure, he pulls his socks and went ahead to meet the interpreter of that dream where he can reach at the treasure he got the dream of, while travelling to different places he’s facing a lot of challenges which he takes really well and fight back by learning new languages, earning the money to travel to Egypt, meeting new people while learning from them. At the end of the destination, that is the treasure, he found out the real treasure is not this but what mad him come this far, meeting several people who pushed and guided him to come closer to his dreams. Also, how he found his true love in the journey.

The author in this book taught many a things that include, your love would never stop you to chase your dreams, if it does it’s surely not true love. So you should always focus on what is required and what your heart wants you to follow else you’ll be regretting forever.


This is a must read for each and everyone who’s in need of motivation, or a believer of spirituality. This book will really fill you with what you need to do in your life and how to live every moment to the fullest.

SumitOfficial’s Rating: 4.5/5 🌟

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19 thoughts on “Book Review: The Alchemist (4.5/5 Stars)”

      1. I completely agree with you but for the time being I had to post a brief synopsis of the book because it was already midnight and it becomes difficult to manage work and writing both at times.

        Other than that, I didn’t want to write in detailed manner because I want the reader to explore himself/herself.


      1. It’s been on my TBR for a little while, but it’s like I’m never in the mood to read it. I hope to get to it soon, though.


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