Artists are difficult to love, you cannot really understand them. The moment you think you’ve known them completely, you’ll see a part of them which you’ve never even recognized, and then change their personalities and make you wonder what’s exactly happened.

They’re completely misfits in the world of hypocrites, trying to define a set of rules to love and to be loved by others. But does it really work in that way? Well, surely not. Artists are weird, they’re crazy to know what’s happening around them, they’re dealing with their own mental dilemma and when they try to escape from everything and take the refugee of art, they come up with great paintings, write-ups, and art work. They put everything on the canvas of life for whatever is hurting them inside their heart for a long time.

With their art form, they change the perspective of world and it make the broken pieces of heart together and let it believe to feel the love again.

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