Fragile Emotions

As you get older, day by day, you realise that it was not required having that fight or argument with that person who were so closed to you once. When you could have listened to her part of clarification, her points, or what exactly she wanted to speak and comprised then and there, the scene would have been different today. Because life teaches you a clear lesson that it’s not always about right or wrong, your psychology changes in no time, you start doing things you have hated all your life cause that’s a human nature. You can’t really control it.

Written on Day 309/365 on SumitOfficial’s journal

All you could have done at that moment was to handle the things a bit more carefully. Fragile emotions need to be taken care in a better way as once they’re broken, you try millions of times, it will not assemble again. No matter how much you try though. And they are the same emotions which have kept you together in the relationship you’ve been dwelled into since so long.

After weeks, months, and years later what you will remember are the days when both of you used to laugh together, had coffee in each other’s arms, read a favourite book of neither of one’s choice. For all the love that you have shared together.

So where does the last conservation go which had broken everything then? Well, it always comes in the form of regret that reaches your eyes which gets teary once you’re done smiling for the person who meant world to you once upon a time.

Maybe she still.. ….!

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