ग़म के समंदर में कब ऐसा डूबता गया जैसे कुछ पता ही न चला, इस कदर घबराहट से जी मचल उठा था। न कुछ सुनाई दे रहा था, और ना ही कुछ दिखाई। खुशीयों के पल जैसे लबों से बिखरते जा रहे थे। जैसे कोई खिला फूल मुर्जा रहा था, सपने भी मानो ओझल होते दिखाई पड़ रहे थे।

रहकर शराब से दूर रहा कोई पाक बा-वजू,
हम पी कर शराब रहे हमेशा मस्त कू-ब-कू।

जो पीया शराब वो खूब हुआ हमसे रू-ब-रू,
जो न पीया वो बचाता रहा अपनी जूठी सुर्ख-रू।


(१- पवित्र, २ गली गली ३ सामने ४ अच्छा नाम)
(Inspired by “Nazeer Akbarabadi”)

शराब पीने का आदि तो न था कभी मगर अब तलब कुछ ऐसी लगी की रोके नहीं रुक रही थी। वक़्त कुछ ऐसा भी आया कि तन्हाइयों में इंसानों का साया भटके या न भटके मगर चंद शराब की बोतलें हमेशा साथ देती थी। मानो कोई हमसफर सी बन गई हो।

काश मोहब्ब्त के सबब का कुछ ऐसा मकाम होता,

शराब के कतरों में न पाया आराम होता,

जशन मनाते हम भी विसाल-ए-यार का

गर शराब की लत में यूं न बदनाम होता।

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All Rights Reserved.

88 thoughts on “शराब।”

    1. Hey, I really liked when you say you want to read this what I just written. It is on sadness, liquor and many more things.

      You can use Google Translator to read this by converting from Hindi to English. 🙂

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      1. Nope! I’m an odia… 😊 and I don’t read odia that well too… I mean, I can read and write in both the languages but not SO well.. Heheheh!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If i write a sentence of 5 words, then there would be 4 words with a wrong spelling..do you still want me to be your odia teacher? 😂😂

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  1. This is what I got from Google Translator…
    When there was such a sink in the sea of ​​Gham, as if something did not come to light, then there was a tremendous amount of turmoil. Neither was listening, nor did anything appear. The moments of happiness were being shattered like lobbies. Just as a feeding flower was roasting, the dreams were also seen as oozing. It was not so much like drinking alcohol, but now it was not stopped to stop such a thing. At times, it was also possible that in the suburbs, people would not have been able to stray or run away, but a few wine bottles were always accompanied. Suppose someone has become a friend.

    There was such a thing that there was a lot of excitement for Kashash Mohabbat

    Alcohol was not found in the cloth,

    We also celebrate the festival of Visal-e-Man

    Due to alcohol addiction, it is not bad.

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  2. Alcohol is not good for health, in that context many other foods are also not good but are we going to stop other foods? No, then drinking alcohol is good unless there’s an addiction or if the person doens’t know his/her limits. Consume it for fun and not to live the life.
    Sad thing is many people are addicted and the family suffers due to it.

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  3. Those four line has been beautifully expressed by you..and the deepness of each word os so pure and touched my heart..
    Sukoon jhalak raha hai sarab bn kr…
    Roob -e-rooh ho rhe hai khudi se hum khud ban kar❤❤😘😘😘
    Loved it❤

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  4. Hey,I have nominated you for Unique Blogger Award again.Congrats.and yes,I have written some Shayari . Check Random thoughts.Shayra k shayri as you have said . Hhaa!

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  5. शराब को ऐसे मत पियो जिस से जिंदगी ख़राब हो जाये ।
    शबाब को ऐसे मत छुओ जिस से जिंदगी शराबी हो जाये।।

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hahahahah! Fir thik Hain 😂
        Mene Kai sare write-ups post kiye Hain Hindi wale on Instagram.

        If you want you can read them. It’s @sumitofficial3 on Instagram.


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