Story of a Magical Pen

Have you ever fallen in love with a non-living materialistic thing? What if I tell you I fell for such thing which is nothing but a pen? SumitOfficial’s Pen. Well, I am going to tell you a story which you might have never heard before. I was not planning to reveal this secret to the world but I am bound to do that now as the reality has startled me immensely. When you write with a pen how much does it last a month or two? Or maybe if you use it rarely then months?

This is the story of my pen which has been there with since 2016 and ever since it has neither stopped working nor I ever had to change the refill. This is unbelievable, isn’t it? I know this is not digestible hence I had to come up with a story on a pen.

Or maybe a story of SumitOfficial’s Magical Pen.

So it all started when all of a sudden I got the gift at the door of my house 2 years back on my 21st birthday, when I unwrapped the gift which I had received unaware of the person who has sent it. It was my luckiest birthday that I had received gifts across India from many of my friends and readers (Even the ones whom I don’t know more than readers) and the last gift I had on my door was on June 16 (And my birthday was on May 21)

Anyway, I was already happy until I opened the gift and found out that it is non-other than my best friend, my #PapaChutneyDalu, Divyani Shah. I was smiling like anything. Firstly, because it was from her as he has a big part of my life and secondly, it was a pen which was never gifted to me before. Or maybe it was never gifted to me, something which could be very much useful to someone. I was on the other hand becoming pro at my writing at that time.

My consistency was what I used to carry with everyday posting a story on the blog. When I became overenthusiastic about the fact that my love, my best friend had gifted me this amazing Paker’s Pen, it made my eyes teary for a while. Not because of the lovely pen she had gifted me, but I was in no talking terms with her for a week or so because of some silly reasons. I was angry with Divyani that I used to ignore her calls even when she needed me the most. I wasn’t there.

But she, she didn’t take anything personally and still thought about gifting me something to make me smile. It is really hard for me to decide something for a person what to gift. It takes a lot to choose something for someone and that day she chose a pen for me.

I immediately called her up, like any other person would do, because we as human have this tendency when someone does good to us, we immediately feel so careful about not losing that person. We would do anything to be sorry for the inconvenience and would want to retain that person at any cost. When she picked up the call, I screamed her name, “Gapppppppuuuu” and asked her about the gift she’s sent me and I asked for forgiveness for what I did. She was kind enough to forgive me and for people who know me, knows this fact why she’s so important.

One more fact about her is that she’s one of those fans of my art and writing who never reads anything no matter how much links I send to her (Until, anything which includes about her, like this post :p) but jokes apart, she like that mother figure at times who has given me a pen in my hand to give autograph to people in near future for my work.

And I always respected that lucky pen which I always keep it with myself be in my office hours, an important meeting, any important documents which I need to sign, or at night when I write in my journals. My lucky pen has been constantly with me irrespective of any fact.

But one thing which very much constant was the refill of the pen. I still believe it is not for real. This is a magic for sure. I have been writing with that since a long time. Okay, forget that I have been constantly writing my #EverydayWritingChallenge since January 1, 2018 and if anyone keep on writing for almost a year then refill needs to be emptied, doesn’t it? But here is the thing, this pen has never stopped working for me.

I guess, the gifts that we give people have a lot to do with the intentions than the price. You can make someone buy a gift worth thousands or lack but without an intention it is nothing but a materialistic thing. On the other hand, when the same gift is filled with a love and affection no matter how cheap or expensive it is, it will always be cherish. And I have been cherishing the same love since 2016.

The best part about it is, it looks exactly the same when it was arrived on the day one, even the ink which is embedded as SumitOfficial on the pen is still the same.

When I met her last time this month im Indore, she was also really astonished to see that the pen still works the same way.

But it was really kind of her (it was a forceful act from me where I had dragged her to a stationery shop to buy me a refill for the future. :p) that she bought me a refill so by any chance if it gets emptied, I don’t need to buy myself.

But on a serious note, I want to thank Divyani for pushing my passion towards success, and to everyone who’s made efforts to read whatever I’ve tried to convey through my pen. This year I had written on my journal first before putting anything on a digital platform. Without your support, I’d have been nothing. So, thank you so much for being always there to read/criticize/appreciate my work. I make sure year 2019 is going to be a bang on. 🙂

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All Rights Reserved.

28 thoughts on “Story of a Magical Pen”

  1. Dear Sumit,

    You know well I don’t read but some of your blogs always make me feel that I’m too emotional. I read only those blogs wherein I’m and this post indeed… I got tears while reading. I really needed you the most when you were avoiding me. You are so important summu, never forget this fact till the end. Few people in the world can get a friend for life and I’m the luckiest one.

    No thanks for anything 😂😆 FOBC

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha! The last line made me laugh so hard.

      I know what I had done which was not required at all. I was stupid. But you know what? I’m glad that it happened which made me realize who I am having on my side.

      I’m sorry. And remember that you mean more than anything for me. I love you.


  2. I think I’ve already told you about the post which is excellent again….
    I still wonder how it is working without being refilled and I hope and pray you don’t have to use the refill that Divyani got you from stationary ever….

    But this picture of yours is nice you know…
    You look good without 5inch beard too haa…. Think about it😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahaha! Of course na, you like me without beard more. This is your post. 😂

      And yes, the pen was excellently brilliant through out the time. It still is with me. Divyani got me a new pen which is again mentioned in one of the posts you’re gonna read soon.


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