Performer of the Month January-2019

“I would go as far as I could and hit a wall, my own imagined limitations. And then I met a fellow who gave me his secret, and it was pretty simple. When you hit a wall, just kick it in.


Well, this word is not just a word but a proud moment itself. It’s a responsibility that you get from your seniors and managers who trust you and have belief that you can do it.

It’s been a year and half that I’ve been working here after relocating to Mumbai, in Jaro Education. I’ve had mnay achievements till now but this time in the beginning of year I’m completely focused towards one thing and I’m blessed with a part of it. I’ve started off with a little achievement of the year.

I’ve seen many ups and downs, I’ve seen many failures and I’ve also witnessed a lot of successes in my career but this is something beyond imagination. Today was one of the blessed days where I’m speechless to express my gratitude. How amazing it feels when you achieve something and you ring a bell for once, bit what if you Great it feels when you achieve something really big that you get to ring 10 bells for your one achievement.

(The above is the video of how it felt to celebrate my success in the company)

Chembur family has given me enough achievements to cherish for life but this one I’d never forget when you sell out an international Doctorate program which in costs in lakhs, and the achievement not really boasts your confidence but also help your organisation in the last moment.

In the October month only I’ve got the promotion (as written in the earlier post) which has come up with a new responsibility of highest target being one of the ‘A Category’ employee in the organisation, which has come to 14 admissions in a month. And I’m so delighted to say that I closed it 19 admissions, which is 136% for the month.

A deal which was really very hard to close till last moment, but I’m so grateful to the almighty and of course, one of my really good colleagues and good friends Betsy Basil for being so supportive to close this for me. I can’t thank her enough with just a few words. Take my bow for all your efforts, Betsy. You’ve not only gone for the meeting altogether in a new city Pune. Believe me, nobody could have done this for me. But you did, and I’m and always be really grateful to you for that. 🤗💕

🌟 Quarter King for last 3 months with 115% Overall Achievement🌟

I remember exactly last month I had received a title of the Quarter King for having 3 months’ overall performance of 107% in total and I had come on the position of 3rd.

This time, things changed and I again became the Quarter king for having the highest percentage of 115% in the entire branch and came on the first position. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thank you so much for all the love and blessings of my Manager (Aapa) Manpreet Maini and my team leader Jay Shahri’s support was tremendous.

🌟 Ignitor of the Week for doing 15 Admissions in a week. 🌟

I still remember, I had received the same title in the month of January 2018 for winning a contest of Filmfare. The criteria was to get 5 admissions in 5 days. I had done that to win the contest worth Rs 30,000.

This time I’ve broken my own record by doing 15 Admissions within 7 days and that itself is a reward to myself.
I’m grateful to the month of January 2019 that it has already blessed me with a lot of surprises and achievements. And of course, my Chembur family plays an important role in having this achievement. Thanks to everything. ⭐❤

Legend’s Fountain Pen

The day wasn’t enough to make me happy than this gift from Guddu Bhaiya who’s one of my colleagues named Lokesh Patil. It was his last working day in the organisation. Still he wished me for my first doctorate program by giving me a wonderful pen.

I am really thankful to all the wonderful time we had mimicking dialogues of Gangs of Wassepur and Mirzapur in the office. I wish him all the very best for life. 🤗

The Legend’s Fountain Pen is absolutely amazing. Thank you for the wishes and a gift, Lokesh. 😃

(I’m having a lot of plans for the coming months and of course, I’m (Sooner or later) going to make your dream come true Mayank Sir. 🙂 )

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7 thoughts on “Performer of the Month January-2019”

  1. Yipppeeee!! OMG, I was waiting for this post. It’s here! ❤ Bohot bohot badhaayi ho, Sirr. Such a huge achievement this is, you always shine at workplace huh. 😻 Keep shining like this. That video made me smile wide, haha. I wish you loads of success and happiness always. ⭐

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