All she ever wanted

was to be herself,

crazy and quirky.

All the time.

I was always the one

who’d love her for

all her eccentricity,

and someone who’d always

be interested in her flaws

even more than she

cribs about it.


Copyright © 2015-2019 SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

17 thoughts on “Eccentricity”

      1. This poetry was meant for a person who’s not anymore. The character is dead and I’m loving a dead body.

        I isolate myself to be able to love a person who’s dead. Thank you for being kind and for reading the dead love stories.


      2. Agh! No. Don’t take the dead word in that way when the body is not any more.. but when the person who isn’t in your life also make them a bit of dead for you. Isn’t it?


      3. Um well, it depends in a way.. Like for once you considered her dead even when you weren’t really certain, and you said “dead” so I thought she is. But then you know, she won’t be if she’s always in your heart.. I think she’s always gonna be alive because she lives there.. inside of you

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