Covalent Bond

Your presence seems

to be a covalent bond to me,

because there’s always

some chemical

attraction going on

between us.

And the moment

you encounter with me,

that’s what makes the matter.


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All Rights Reserved.

80 thoughts on “Covalent Bond”

      1. Aww, that is a good thing.
        I want you to smile handsome,
        OH and I like your gravatar picture


  1. उन नीम-बाज़* आँखो ने,
    पूर्णमासी को ईद का चाँद बनाए रखा।
    क्या बताएं इश्क का जहान कौन सा है,
    इक दरिया को दोनो किनारों में बनाए रखा।

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    1. Yayyyy! Thank you meri pyaari Shivee, I really loved the concept too,. I had written a poetry on the concept of Schrödinger’s cat and someone asked me to write on Chemistry too. So came up with this one 🙂


  2. God! I am doing my graduation in chemistry. And so I have yet another reason to love this specific one!
    As usual, the lines were mesmerizingly beautiful. I have bonded with your posts covalently. And hence, this bond is never breaking. Well done.! 😊👏

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  3. I think ..u love to write about ..the love..the touch and bla bla …why can’t u choose a different topic dude….love a small word and hard to understand and if u understand the rest of the people won’t….
    Itz just the matter of time ,fate and I can say ur destiny…just a kind of attraction……….nothing more than that ….
    And dude the worst part is that it makes u weak ..i mean emotional u started depending on a person ..even without knowing what is running in his mind ..
    So change the topic man
    Itz a bulshit type of thing which never ends up with good conclusion…..

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      1. Chose something different yrrr….i mean do some experiments with your writing skill
        And yrrr
        I am not hurt ..i now love is just waste of tym .It just drags u away from all your dreams,and finally you will reach a stage where you neither get love nor your dreams
        So it’s better to keep distance from a slow poison😇

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      2. But don’t you think that’s something which you’ve experienced, and the same experience you’re imposing on others? I know love hurts, but does that mean, one should go away from it? Or to escape from it? Not really!

        If you initially learn how to ride a cycle, you’d fall for sure but it’s upto you to again stand up and ride carefully this time. There’s always a possibility to improvise.


      3. Yrrrrr I know how to stand up ….and I am so strong .I know how to tackle these situation….
        I have observed and I think my observation is not wrong in most of cases

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      4. I know there is a possibility of improvise but u can take a guaranty of improvising yourself ,not the rest of the audience
        And one more thing ur post is about covalent bonding ,it can be possible if there is mutual understanding
        Sometimes the situation comes u are doing a lots of efforts and the person next to u just make fun of u
        So that’s not ryt 🤔I think u too is agree with me
        So my point is love a puppy but not a human
        If u wana to love a human then plz give them love and affection Upto a point ,so that you may not hurt …when u are no more the part for their life
        And I think rather than hurting yourself …
        Keep yourself away from these thing…”..prevention is better than cure”I think u know this very well

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