Women’s Day Celebration!

Like every year I was not much inclined towards doing extra-ordinary things for women around me. Oh wait! It is not because I don’t celebrate their days but because I celebrate it every day for them. After all, women are meant to be happy be it our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, best friends, or any other random girl who makes an effort to put a smile on your lips.

But this time, being in office I observed something yesterday which I have never seen. All the men in the office had a meeting where we had discussed about doing things for them to make them feel special on this day. Everyone suggested something or the other and we started working on that.

Later on, when I came back home around 09:00 pm I realized that this is something which everyone can do, but what is that one thing which I can do to make them happy which can certainly not be bought. Then it came in my head why to not write letters for them?

Hand-written letters? Yeah!

And that was it. I started writing with one of my new Legend’s Fountain Pens for them. To be honest, I wasn’t well the entire yesterday that I could not even work for a while, but here I was at 11:00 pm who has started writing for 19 girls in a row on their personalities and things which I love in them.

I was done writing almost 22 letters by 02:00 am and I put them all in the envelopes. I named them all for my understanding. Hand-written letters are evergreen. Every girl has a dream if someone can write for them. Today was the day when their dream was about to complete.

It wasn’t enough to just give them the letters, so I put up an alarm 2 hours before the time I wake up in the morning and went office an hour early. I bought DairyMilk for all of them and put it on every individual’s desk so when they come and see the envelope and a chocolate it can make them feel special, and that they should get the feeling of their day.

I promise, when one by one everyone started coming and opened the letter the smile on their lips were priceless. The happiness no money can buy, the blessing that they would give with happy hearts would be more valuable. Everyone came to me and thanked me for the letters and how much they loved it.

I know till yesterday night I wasn’t feeling well, but their happiness made me realize as if all the efforts were worth putting.

Other than that also, I had a meeting with a client who was also a lady. The deal was closed with her when I went to meet her today. So this morning when I bought a bunch of chocolates, there was one left in it which I gave it to my client and the way she felt was again an amazing feeling to have. I am astonished to see the power of love that it can bring so much cheerful and happy moments in someone’s life.

Chembur Family ❤

This was one of another memorable days for me. Happy Women’s Day to all the marvelous women out there. Thank you for reading.

This one’s for you Mum. Happy Women’s Day.

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27 thoughts on “Women’s Day Celebration!”

    1. You’re really kind to say that, Lavanya. I feel if we’re happy doing things for either ourselves or for others then we should do it anyhow. After all, it’s all about the energies that we share and I’m glad that it not only reached inside my office but to the reader’s heart too.

      Happy Women’s Day, Lavanya.

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  1. Yayyyy! That’s what makes Sir the best- Unconditional love and care!! 🌼 Thankyou for making my day sooo special. Honestly, I’ve never received a handwritten letter before and this just made my day bright and happy. Even my Mom loved it, haha. 😻 So thankyou soooo much. Lots of love to you. ♥♥


  2. Wow! Being a mom around the house, this made me smile! I should have passed on the greeting when I was out getting groceries. Thank you for choosing to care. xoxo

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  3. This bieng the bestest gift you gave them and no doubt this is incomparable to anything❤️ you are such a pure soul and so on you put your efforts to make everyone happy around you❤️😘keep shining❤️


  4. This is by far one of the kindest, most thoughtful ways to show your appreciation! I’m absolutely positive every woman you wrote for was thrilled with delight when reading your kind words. This is truly the sweetest!


    1. Yes, they were truly amazed to see the way I had put an effort to write for every women in my office which I had written a night before till 2 am.

      Writing them wasn’t enough for me but I had gone to office 30 minutes earlier the next morning to put a letter with Cadbury dairy milk along on every desk.

      The moment of happiness on their face were absolutely priceless when they opened the letters and read them.

      My manager was shocked to see for whatever I had written for an individual woman had a lot to do with their potential and qualities. He was astonished to see the observer in me to own it down.

      Haha! And that made my efforts worth. 🙂💕❤


      1. Hahah! You’re sweet, Steph. 🙋😇
        Yes, they’re very close to them. And most importantly, even if they misplace it anywhere, I won’t get hurt. Because whatever I did was for my happiness and that’s important. ☺💕

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  5. See this is real Sumit…
    This ain’t deceptive..
    This love, adoration from women only comes from a man who has been raised right, in the most loving manner.
    Now this wasn’t new to me as I know the kind of person you are, this was expected out of you.

    You are too good to let go🤗💛

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    1. Oh Rashmi! Thank you for your words.
      I remember this time they missed me all so much because I was transferred to another branch to take care of for 15 days and every female colleague of mine called me up in the morning that they are missing me and my letters.

      And guess what, company had arranged a letter for them (same for all women) and when they found it in their desk, they thought it’s from Sumit. 😂

      I said no. Later on, I took a half day and went to my branch with bunch of chocolates for all the women. They were super excited.

      They we all cut the cake, boys gave gifts to girls and we spoke about them for how important they are.


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