There’s a compromisation which happens with my sleep and me every night. For many nights, I force myself to do everything which I want to do including reading, making art, creative writing, singing, record my Hindi/English poetry, listen to podcasts, learn about cinema etc.

And other nights it make me hit the bed to let me have a proper sleep before I get sick.
That’s how I always fall in between my sleep-deprivation and self-satisfaction.

Although, I should get my sleep on time but help me convince this fact. Last night was one of the nights after a long time when I had properly had a peaceful 8.5 hours of sleep. Thanks to Rukshi for convincing me that there’s a thing called ‘tomorrow’ when I can do everything again than last night. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Sleep-deprivation”

  1. Sumeet Sleep is the best thing given to humankind. Please do not deprive yourself of it. I sleep for 6 hours a day from last 15 years now. But that much is enough for my body clock. Please sleep according to your body clock.

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  2. I am glad you followed my advice and took proper rest. Like I had already said, don’t let yourself get unwell and forcibly miss out on days of creative work altogether. Rather sleep properly one night and carry on tomorrow with full force. But your struggle with sleep deprivation and self satisfaction is completely understandable.
    Take care and keep being a star✨

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    1. I know I know. You know what Rukshi, I still remember when I was reading this thick book of 550 pages a few months back with swollen eyes at night, being a numb with just moving eyes, a few days back I had fell sick and had to take a lot of medicines.

      That wasn’t enough, I had to take a leave and all I had done was just slept.

      Like, my body was asking me to sleep than to take the medicines. I slept for many hours and got fit again.

      Last night you convinced me enough to sleep and I felt all good this morning. So yeah, a big thanks to you. 💕🙂

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  3. Haha! I understand your urge to do everything in one day. 😹 Reading and writing and giving time to Chandu also, huh. Sir is a multitasker. Big thankyou to this wise girl. ♥ Sleep is important naa. How will you achieve all these without being healthy?

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    1. Your question is cent percent true Chandu and finally after that day I’ve realised the value of sleep.

      I’ll make sure to manage everything (after all, I’ll not stop doing anything) and sleep on time. 💕


  4. And somehow in between this we cant satisfy our need that what we want to do now or let it be for another day and lets take a sleep, and this goes on each and everyday, wherever things are not going right and dont know what is the right time to do everything which we want to…

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