A Wooden Bench

All I ever crave is a night

which is full of trees,

books, pen & paper,

a wooden bench,

and silence in my solitude.

And a small interruption

will lead you by the death.


(This self-portrait was clicked when I had recently taken a half-day leave from my work and spent my time around the trees. Nobody knows what I do there but there’s a thing which k have for trees. 🌲❤)

Copyright © 2015-2019 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

76 thoughts on “A Wooden Bench”

  1. Oh, I know what you do there. This is so beautiful, Sir! ♥ Your obsession for trees is something I find very amusing. 😂

    “And a small interruption
    will lead you by the death.”

    So brutal, huh. So brutal. 😐

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    1. That happens! True.
      Bit as I’ve written, I always find a time to take a sabbatical, if not more, then also at least, for some hours to stay myself away from people.

      That’s heaven for people like us.


    1. I do. Correct.

      I remember lying when my manager Manpreet madam used to ask me where am I going? Why do I need a half day or early departure from work and I’d say, something important.

      That important thing was me.. When I needed to be with myself. I did that a lot of times. The same happened when I used to ignore going for team parties, because I’d be at home with a book at night.


      1. I’d be honest with you, my WordPress was not showing me any comments. Not even on my posts and when I found something fishy, I personally went and checked. And that’s how I got it.

        I missed you too. Your comments. Your presence. 🙂


      2. Because you made me feel that.
        I felt lost.
        I don’t wanna go through that feeling ever again.
        I’ll see you tomorrow morning.
        Till then fix this glitch of WordPress which doesn’t allows comments.

        Good night Sumit 😴

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