Selfless Love!

One of the best ways

To love someone is not

By giving them expensive

Gifts or materialistic

Happiness, but to make

them feel happy and to

Show them their own

Wholeness even without



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114 thoughts on “Selfless Love!”

    1. Exactly, Charvi. But I feel really sad when I see people who are/or try to be in a relationship with their partners have really bad intentions to own them. This is wrong. All they what is the other person should revolve his/her life around him/her.

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      1. Obsession and control . People turn animals . Love which is supposedly designed to get us out of the web of animal instincts and for helping us learn empathy , if we dont understanf it , it paves way for us becoming further animals . Strange .
        I feel even if a few people understand it , eventually everyone with . Hope is the key 🙂

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  1. Beautiful words. Self less love is too hard to find. Far from the ‘ my heart skipped a beat’ love, it gives you freedom in commitment.

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      1. Yes, absolutely right . To be frank, defination of love has been changed . If it suits to your lifestyle, satisfy your desires then it’s love else not . What you think?

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      2. Correct. It’s more residing in the comfort zone. If a person puts more effort to save the relationship with the other then it reveals it’s real love for the other person. It’s always about the stability which stays longer.

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  2. you have been one of the known visitors on my blog that i know . I am doing a poll on one of the topics and would like to read your opening as well . Please be kind to visit my blog and share your views about my Post ” what do you think ? ” . Thanks 🙂

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      1. Haha! Don’t keep it to the “Someone” category.

        I’ve seen people going crazy for things that means world to them. But at the same time we become corrupted with our selfish desires.

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      2. Haha, frankly I cannot talk much on emotion called love.
        That is always the case. I say knowing that fact we still gv ourselves without a complain, it’s beyond love, its ecstasy!!

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