Second Chance?

People need to understand

second chances are for

those who have regretted

for the first time they

ruined everything,

not for making the mistakes

time and again.

If it still happens,

then that’s not a mistake,

that’s the goddamn

choice they make

and regret with later.


Copyright © 2015-2019 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

25 thoughts on “Second Chance?”

  1. Sumit bhai, don’t you think so second chance are also needed when we want to do things in better way! Say we win a game but in second chance we would like to increase the margin of victory

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    1. I agree, Abay. But here my context is with people. It maybe in friendship, corporate relations, or maybe a relationship with a lover.

      If he/she does a mistake and keep on doing the same, would you be having the enough patience to forget and give them chances again?

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    1. That’s really a big thing you’ve just said, Max.
      I’m just a habitual writer who’s obsessed with words, emotions, and love.

      Thank you for such love. Would love to connect with you further with your posts.


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