Make Me a Tree!

Why do I feel like being a plant?
A seed. A sapling.
Which asks for nothing but water,
Which wouldn’t crib when gets the burning sun on its broadleaf skin,
I wouldn’t cry if the leaves fall apart and left with nothing.
I’ll become foliage.
I want to become a tree.
A Huge one.
A hundred years old maybe.
It teaches me to be attached to the roots
Growing upwards to the sky.
But always help me standing on the ground.
Make me a tree.
Pour me books and water to me. At times.
I’ll read in the silence.
I’ll be loved in my solitude.
And here I go,
Lost in the planet of dense forest park
Leave me alone for a lifetime.
Make me a tree.


I don’t know why but I feel as if I speak to trees. I love them. I feel them so deeply. I always have feelings for them when I touch them.

In the morning, I look at them and feel how stunning they look. Stand still. I always wanted to become a tree to have everything what it possess. Through this poem on this day, I dedicated my love for words, book, and, of course, trees. 🌲❤

I wish you all a very Happy World Book Day. 🙂

Copyright © 2015-2019 by SumitOfficial

All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “Make Me a Tree!”

  1. Wowwww! This really touched my heart. 😄 That is a very interesting wish, haha. You know what I wish to be? A Cat. She’s sooooo adorable and so clever and so fast. I wish to be her. 😸


  2. Wow! So lovely!♥️ There is something so beautiful and wise about trees, the forest.. We have a deep connection to them. I have written a small something about trees myself. Someday I’ll share it! Haha Beautifully written.♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Truly said, Steph. The vibrations they give is far better than anyone who speaks with a language.

      I’m really excited to read what you’ve written on trees.

      Thank you for reading, Steph.


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