It is required to know that a few days are just awful for no reason. You don’t always need to be sad about, at times, nature does that for you. It is dry outside. Everywhere. we sometimes dragged into the pit of effusiveness for no reason.

Often times, silence makes you feel dead. It doesn’t allow the polyphony to enter into your heart. Everything is gloomy, the air, the fragrance, atmosphere, all you hear is your demon screaming inside you. They want to scare you. They want to make you afraid of silence, you are going away from it. The more you run, the more they’ll follow you. Silence does kill you.

Fear of silence comes from fear of death. Overcome the fear of death, love the silence because even death has a heart.

Silence makes me shudder.

I’m a polyphony lover.

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119 thoughts on “Polyphony!”

    1. Exactly. When you don’t feel like talking to anybody. You feel like lock yourself in an empty room, and you try to disconnect with everyone. And the irony is for no reason.

      Thank you so much Faryal, I am glad that you could relate to it. 🙂

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  1. On lighter side
    Ek philosopher divar ke sath kaan lagakar khada tha. Doctor ne puchha kya baat hai. Phil. Bola awajen aa rahi hain diwar ke us taraf se.
    Doctor ne bhi kaan diwar ke sath lagaa diye. Thodi der baad doctor bola mujhe to awaajen nahi aa rahi hai.
    Philosopher: pagal hai kya, main do din se koshish kar raha hoon ki kuch sunai de. Tune do minute mein faisla le liya.

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  2. Oh great I don’t know how I missed reading the whole post. Absolutely true and silence is like that it will kill u in the beginning cause our mind will not allow u to sit in silence but one u conquer it than silence is bliss and one can even face death in its greatest silence. Great 👍

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      1. Yea..true that..
        But..one can’t relate leoneliness to depression or something requiring to be run out from..always.
        Smtimes solitary heals.
        But one should be smart
        enough..to diffrentiate between dwelling in silence n having a walk fr a while n move on.


  3. I don’t agree that silence makes someone feel dead. Silence is something I love the most. Sometimes silence gives us that peace and solitude which helps us think and realise.
    Silence is the only thing that gives birth to polyphony. Guess how will you make a polyphony when you are not able to propely think about it.
    Well that’s my opinion.

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    1. I agreed. But what if silence make you feel vacant, when you become numb.

      What if the longlines which comes along with silence kills you internally?
      What if the solitude make you feel the only person in the world?

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      1. I agree with you. Yeah, silence can make someone vacant and it kills us internally. But what I was trying to say was one need’s silence in his life even if it’s for a small period of time.

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      1. Yes. Death has a heart.
        Else why would anyone talk about it? Why would anyone give importance to it? Why would an individual fear of death, because death has a heart and it lives inside us.


  4. Overall, it is very relatable. We all go through such phases. However, I do not agree with the sentence, “Fear of silence comes from the fear of death”. I don’t think so. For me, I am afraid of silence because I am afraid of being alone. Death is inevitable, so why to be afraid of it? I am only scared of the death of others. Apna toh chalta hai. 😁

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  5. That is very true, Sir. Sometimes, we are so afraid of silence that we tend to surround ourselves with people and other things just to feel secure. But the moment we’re alone, we get scared. We don’t want to be with ourselves. 🙁 But that’s the most important thing- to be comfortable with our own self, isn’t it?

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      1. Guess what, I am forced by the breeze on my terrace and the solitude made me write about the vulnerable situation that I’m not able to say ‘I love you’


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