What do you think your mind cannot control? To be mentally satisfied with someone’s love/compassion for you, as if, you’re so alone and incomplete without them that you need them at any cost?

Or maybe because of the unfulfilled sexual desires you’ve been keeping inside your mind since decades which makes you want someone in your life who again makes you satisfy yourself with everything which you’d be thinking and wetting your pants every night?

Imagine having all the contentment in regards to the spiritual, economical, sexual, and most importantly mental satisfaction in yourself one day and that day, you’d win yourself truly.

One of the deadliest

combinations in the

world is to have a

mentally stabled mind

and sexually satisfied self.

A sudden complacency

when you feel content

to be alone.

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All Rights Reserved.

14 thoughts on “Complacency!”

  1. Its not bad to think what you desire for, if you are satisied in your life then you are living a worth, otherwise people just think to stop this thinking and let it go just coz of society and that’s the reason they are not satisfied with them..


    1. Do you? Thank you, Shivani.

      It took me a while to understand what we lack in as a person. It’s always a self-introspection which make us come to the conclusion.

      I couldn’t find anything other than two things. Things which make us cross our boundaries.

      Imagine…just… imagine if, we as humans, have a control on these two things, then nobody can ever drive us.

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      1. Umm… To be really honest with you.

        I had the same thought process, when I initially had a thought of overcoming them. And guess what, it WORKED.

        It worked for me to that extend where sexual approaches don’t corrupt me anymore, begging someone to do something for me/have emotionally dependency on them no longer excites me.

        So, if we have a control on sexual and mental urges then surely we’ll become a monk who doesn’t give any fuck to the world.

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