Complacently Content (Part II)

A rage :

How funny it is that when we are in love we don’t see anything than the person who matters to us the most.

I truly believe that feeling is a good feeling which every person should feel once in a lifetime. But I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not the ONLY thing which one needs in the beginning of life with the age of 19 to 22. A delicate age where you make big mistakes of your life.

I’ve realised how fool I was to think I was in love with a girl, who had nothing more than a kind heart for me and like every other guy I had had felt like that to “be in love” which isn’t the case (I know right, that’s the irony of life)

But you know what makes me feel so good today? About my friends (to be precise, a FEW ones) who handled my craziness for running behind a girl like an ass.

But was it worth? Umm.. not really! The girl might fall in for someone else and leave you, but you? You are there. You are growing that love inside you which makes you fall for your own deepness. That’s rare.

I used that solitude in such a great manner that has helped me to keep on writing and writing and writing for days, month, and years now.

I took an advantage of everything I had made my heart feel even when I wasn’t feeling them on the first place.

I don’t blame the girl now. After all, she’s no one to me, just the way I’m not one for her. A past is always a last.

I’ve expressed myself a lot to know myself to take the best out of me. I’ve written about being lost, and to be heartbroken to pen down my sorrows (which I was creating myself only)

Although, I thank each and every woman who’s been in my life till now who has given nothing but the inspirations to firstly feel the emotions and secondly to use them into my writing pattern.

When people say, how do you write everyday for years now and I’m like, “Well, that’s somethin women has taught me ever since I’ve had an interaction with them.”

I used each and every emotion which I’ve lived with them. I have stolen the moments to make myself immortal in all the possible ways.

I don’t hold any grudges against anyone but I strongly believe in the future and not a person who gets into the past to look back. That’s not me.

I’ve gone through a lot in my so called and after a while I’ve started growing through it and here I am today. Complacently Content.

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32 thoughts on “Complacently Content (Part II)”

      1. Hahah! Thank you, Rashmi.

        As I’ve been criticized a lot in the year 2016 when my erotica were publicly doing good. A lot of people got jealous and made objections on me that I write shits, and soft porn.

        I was one man army saving my sanity that time and kept on writing and growing. Today I have lakhs of views, audience base, people’s respect and love. And those people are still there criticizing and pulling other people down.

        I learnt from there to always respect what your heart says and keep on going. At the end you matter. Period.


  1. You have expressed each and every part with so much intensity, every word you have expressed has so many things you hv expressed it out through your throat, and looking forward is the best key to be a successful person in life❤️

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